Sony Making Female-Centric Spider-Man Spinoff?

Amazing Spider-Man 2--Felicia

Felicia from The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Can we expect to see her in a Black Cat film?

Is Sony going to make a female-centered Spider-Man spinoff as part of their Let’s-Milk-This-Franchise-For-All-It’s-Worth Extravaganza? According to Deadline and verified by EW, yes they are!

While Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, keeps hemming and hawing over a possible female superhero movie–despite fans demanding a Black Widow movie and the craziness that is Guardians of the Galaxy proving that even the riskiest Marvel films can break box office records–and let’s not even get into the unlikelihood of DC making a female superhero movie–that might happen after another 50 Batman reboots–Sony may just move ahead of the herd. Sony’s plans are vague, we don’t even know which female superhero the movie will feature, but they already have Lisa Joy Nolan on board as screenwriter.

Which superhero do you think Sony wants to bring to the big screen? Odds are good that the Black Cat may be their choice, seeing as how The Amazing Spider-Man 2 introduced a character named Felicia, who everyone assumed was intended to be Felicia Hardy, the real name of the Black Cat. But they could go with any number of characters. Who do you want to see in this potential Spider-Man spinoff? Let us know in the comments!