Defiance, S2 Ep07 – If You Could See Her Through My Eyes

Defiance’s second season continues to surpass its entertaining, yet slightly mediocre first season with each new episode that airs. While at times it may seem like there’s too much going in the town in which the show takes place, overall it feels pretty balanced. While nearly every episode this season has touched on what’s going on with the Tarr family, Irisa’s arc has been glossed over in recent ones. This week’s episode, entitled “If You Could See Her Through My Eyes”, seeks to change that and drops a whopper of a puzzle piece in our laps, further adding to her story and also tying in directly to the conflicts of other characters in Defiance.

Defiance, S2 Ep07 - If You Could See Her Through My Eyes

Irisa meets Rynn’s new friend

This week’s episode mostly focused on the murder of the Tarr family’s housemaid, Jalina, which in turn ties in to Irisa’s arc. The episode opens with a brief, strange sex scene with Datak and Jalina, as he tries to pretend that she is Stahma. What follows is a shockingly gruesome morning after scene where Datak discovers her dead corpse, eyes gouged out, laying at his doorstep. We get to see Datak and Rafe investigate different leads around Defiance, while Nolan and Irisa conduct their own separate investigation to find Jalina’s killer. We really got a sense of how much Datak cared for their housemaid, even though he used her for sex and even fed her body to a hellbug in order to get rid of incriminating evidence against him. By the time they find the killer, Datak takes his grisly revenge on him by gouging out his eyes.

The killer turned out to be a doctor who was removing the eyes of Castithans and Irathients in order to sell their corneas to humans who dress up as them for fun, such as Christie and Viceroy Mercado. While Nolan was already invested in the case, Irisa became more invested when her Irathient friend, Rynn, gets kidnapped. Rynn is in town with a Irathien man who bares a striking resemblance to someone in Irisa’s recent visions. In Irisa’s visions she sees what could possibly be her in her past life, so for a lot of the episode she keeps berating this man with questions asking him if he knows her as well. He doesn’t know anything until the end of the episode when Irisa kisses him, and they both see the vision of the two of them overthrowing an alien spaceship. We also see a glimpse of two aliens of another race on that very ship, which past Irisa and her friend literally cut down. This puzzle piece, while adding to the mystery of Irisa, still leaves us with more questions than it answers. Though, it was still interesting to see. I really hope they start filling in more gaps in Irisa’s arc, because a lot of the time I’m left scratching my head.

Another major development occurred in this week’s episode as well. Nolan now knows of what’s inside Irisa and knows of her ability to heal from anything. This was discovered when Nolan and Irisa discovered the mad doctor removing eyeballs. She ended up getting stabbed with a pair of scissors by him. Nolan didn’t actually get to see her heal, but of course he had his suspicions. The following day he slices Irisa’s hand and confirms them. What followed was a touching scene. While Irisa may be relieved that she doesn’t have to hide her secret from her father anymore, the goddess Irzu already told her that if he knew then she would kill him. Now she’s worried for her father, but Nolan remains confident that he will be okay, or at least he’s making it seem that way.

Defiance, S2 Ep07 - If You Could See Her Through My Eyes

Viceroy Mercado on duty

The other major plot thread in “If You Could See Her Through My Eyes” dealt with Alak and Christie. Christie is a character who hasn’t had too much screen time this season until very recently. In last week’s episode we saw her dress up as a Castithan and go to a, for lack of a better term, Castithan cosplay club, where she was hit on by Viceroy Mercado, who was also dressed up. I really appreciate seeing Christie get in the spotlight a bit, and her current arc is very intriguing. Basically, Alak finds out about Christie’s secret activities when his radio DJ, Dierdre, rats her out. Dierdre was the one who gave Christie the idea to dress up as a Castithan in order for Christie to learn more and become closer to Alak’s culture. It turns out Dierdre’s plans were to drive a wedge between Alak and Christie, so she can take her place as Alak’s girl. From the first time we meet Dierdre early in the season I knew not to trust her, but I actually thought for the last few episodes that she really might be trying to help her.

Dierdre’s actions led to her and Alak having an affair, which was definitely her plan all along. Christie herself isn’t feeling too bad, though. While she hadn’t found out of Alak’s love affair, she is still spending her nights embracing the Castithan culture under Stahma’s name, along with Viceroy Mercado, who ended the episode with an impressive musical number.

Overall, “If You Could See Her Through My Eyes” was a great episode. We finally got to learn a little more about what Irisa is going through, and further character development for Christie is also appreciated. I’m glad Nolan knows the truth about Irisa now. The two of them can now face this situation together head on. Datak’s revenge against the mad doctor who killed Jalini was just great to see. Actor William Atherton, who plays Viceroy Mercado, really stuck out to me in these past two episodes. While he’s calm and authoritative as the E-Rep Viceroy, he really lets loose when he’s in his Castithan cosplay. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what happens next with all of these characters. So far season two has been a major improvement on the series.

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