Teen Wolf, S4 Ep6 – Orphaned

With this latest installment, I do not feel like an orphan.  I feel like I have a home and people who care about me.  Teen Wolf cares about me.  Season 4 had me on edge for a short while simply because the direction they were taking the story in was completely new and off the wall.  It was the most unexpected thing they could have cooked up.  Really, there was no way of knowing their initial choices would result in excellent alphas, possible deaths of major characters, and bundles of cash for struggling families? Kate is a formidable adversary, but she’s not my focus.  Everything is my main focus, and there’s not a part of “Orphaned” I didn’t like.  Well done, Teen Wolf.

LiamHow could I have expected anything less from Scott?  He’s only had one problem with being an alpha so far.  It was when he decided to be dishonest with himself about the kind of leader he should be.  The key to being the True Alpha is being true to yourself, it seems.  Scott is nothing like any of the other alphas we’ve seen on the show.  Consider Derek, for a moment.  He wasn’t a bad Papa Wolf and he did care about his pack to a certain degree, but, essentially… he needed numbers.  It may have seemed like charity to help the ones who weren’t fitting in with normal society, but that’s exactly why he isolated them.  His hope was that they’d realize being a werewolf wouldn’t be any worse than what they were already going through.  It would make them better in every imaginable way.  Scott, on the other hand, had to turn Liam to save him.  The action he took was selfless, and ever since he’s tapped into his alpha groove, he’s had nothing but love for his first turnee.  When he embraces Liam at the well and sincerely comforts him, I saw brothers.  I saw family.  Scott cares about Liam as if he were the little brother he never had.  In that moment, I knew this was what an alpha was meant to be.  Not selfish or twisted like others we’ve seen before him.  His portrayal is perfect, and Tyler Posey has never been better.

Derek and MaliaThe thought of Derek Hale dying is terrifying because I know if that ever happened, half of the freakin’ fandom would just get up and leave, packing their Beacon Hills lacrosse bags and never looking back.  So, can it actually happen?  Perhaps, but it can be done in a clever way so Lydia’s premonition stays true (if it is done at all).  It could mean the death of the werewolf part of him, or the loss of Derek’s older self.  It wouldn’t be entirely surprising if Ian Nelson made a grand appearance again.  All I’m trying to say is this could mean a number of things and possibly something other than a beloved actor out of a job.  Tyler Hoechlin is a great asset and I’d hate to lose more original cast members, though I’m sure if he doesn’t perish, someone else we worship will.  Don’t give up on Derek yet.  As we all know, he’s a fighter.  He’d probably kick Death straight in the face.

ScottMoral question: Should Stiles and Scott keep the money?  Yes.  My reasoning may sound kind of awful, but I’m going with it anyway.  They deserve it.  It belongs to someone else, but it’s not like the boys picked it up from a bank robbery or a homeless shelter.  This is the Benefactor’s money.  It is payment for doing evil deeds, and the boys don’t owe the mystery man/woman a single thing.  The only thing they owe the Benefactor is a swift punch to the gut.  The brain and the werewolf have done everything to protect Beacon Hills.  They’ve given up their own happiness and safety more times than I can count.  They’ve been possessed, imprisoned, and nearly killed.  Both of their families need financial help.  With that being said, of course, there should not be a single issue with them keeping the payment.  They have so much to worry about.  During their next pack meeting, money shouldn’t have to be on the agenda..

“Orphaned,” thank you for being excellent.  You’ve set the bar really high (better keep up, future installments.  Teen Wolf is huge now and it’s not without good reason.)  As often as we fret over where Jeff Davis will take us next, he always manages to work it out.  Not every step has been favorable, but “Orphaned” was a brilliant one.