Extant S1 Ep 4 – Shelter

Creepy sci-fi lab of creepiness

Another fast-paced episode, and entertaining overall.

The stuff with Molly’s father might have been my least favorite part, because actually, despite Louis Gossett, Jr. being a good actor, I couldn’t bring myself to care much about the character. I didn’t mind the fact that the family being there meant Molly got to spend some one-on-one time with Ethan. And obviously Molly being bitten by the dog is going to come back as an important point. But it wasn’t enjoyable to see Ethan being used by his grandfather for gambling, and then get yelled at. And once again, Molly and John didn’t even get the chance to see the results of the DNA test. I guess we’re going to keep getting teased with that for a while.

Meteor goo

So we can suppose that Yasumoto was bathing in something like this earlier. (Ew.)

The scene with the Slavic (sorry, I don’t know for sure that it was Russian they were speaking) scientists that Yasumoto has (trapped?) working for him seemed random. I understand that it adds to the plot-line of why Yasumoto and Sparks are doing this, but it still didn’t seem to fit all that well. It also added to Yasumoto’s cold selfishness, so there’s that.

Glad to see continued evidence that Sam is actually trustworthy, even if Sparks was able to keep her leashed by threatening her family. I expect we may still see her acting in Molly’s true best interests, rather than what Sparks says is her best interests.

I’m wondering if the violence of the way Sparks’ team took out Ethan – was that an EMP? – will have lasting effect on him. Hopefully it won’t rewrite or erase his programming. While his charming moments have outweighed the creepy ones thus far, if he’s erased, that could perhaps make him emotionless. That would be both sad and disturbing.

Robot ring toss

An alcoholic bringing his android grandson into a bar to gamble on. Terrific.

Speaking of disturbing, though, cliched as the med lab and menacing equipment is for sci-fi, it was still alarming. I was intrigued in spite of myself at the hint that Molly’s Chosen One Baby may have given her special telekinetic powers or something. Didn’t seem to be enough to actually save her, but we’ll see how everything turns out next week. I admit I was expecting her to be carrying the baby for the rest of the season. Having the sinister scientist folks remove it now seems to deprive the show of a dramatic finale birth scene, for one. So far, this show continues to avoid being totally cliched. And I’m still pleased with the cast, in general, so I count myself a fan. I wouldn’t say I expect great things, but I would be happy to be caught off guard.

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