Under the Dome, S2 Ep5 – Reconciliation

The crazies have come out to play.  If I were a resident of Chester’s Mill, I think I would be the wild girl who lives out in the woods and talks to no one.  It’s safer that way.  Heaven knows that little town is the exact opposite of safe.  Strength in numbers?  Yeah, right.  Not when you’re trapped under a dome with no method of escape and your supplies are sadly dwindling.  How quickly the people turn on each other, eager to place blame on the first friend to blink.  Needless to say, I appreciate my Dome-less existence more and more every day, but the whole scenario does make for good television.  Once again, we are left with more questions than answers.  Every what has evolved into a WHAT.  It is my hope that this road leads somewhere fantastic and twisted with an abundance of explanations!  If not, well… let’s not think about that.

JuniorSam.  Sam, he’s your nephew.  Sam, no.  SAM, THAT KILLS PEOPLE.  What a world we live in where estranged uncles run around willy-nilly, all the while contemplating murder.  What kills me most about the entire situation is Junior totally buying into the tale Sam weaves.  It’s painful to watch.  He’s unstable, I know… but if he could try to be cautious around mysterious, questionable relatives, that would be nice.  To be honest, I’m having a hard time believing he’s this gullible.  It doesn’t feel genuine.  Sam plants two journal pages in Lyle’s barber shop, and Junior is in the same room when it happens.  It doesn’t make sense.  With a father like Big Jim (master manipulator), how can Junior be fooled so easily?  He should be sharper, or at least be growing intellectually in some way.  At the moment, his character is being used simply as a tool to reveal Sam’s nefarious deeds.  This may sound harsh, but I am HATING IT.  The choices the writers are making are understandable for the progression of the story, but it’s still incredibly frustrating.  If Junior wants to play detective, let him be a smart one.  This critique is probably stemming from my need for Junior to be free.  He finally musters up the gumption to step out from under Big Jim’s wing, but he immediately finds himself under the wing of another man who may be considerably worse.  And, of course, he lets Lyle manipulate him for a little while.  People continue to take advantage of him.  Junior is a character who is going to take many steps backward before he ever reaches his full potential.  Perhaps Under the Dome needs someone like that, but he will most definitely continue to vex me.

Food CollectionPhil is dead, and I’m not too sad about it.  His character wasn’t a significant player in the fate of Chester’s Mill.  Julia will make a good sheriff (I hope).  This is a win for the story in the long run.  My true question is… when did they move all of the food to an alternate room?  If Barbie was actively packing away boxes, he would have noticed people taking supplies into a different section of the building, even though he was carrying his own boxes.  Soon after the explosion, everyone assumes the food is completely gone without examining the entire space.  Carolyn discovers the truth by accident.  There were too many holes in this part of the plot.  Good idea, but poorly executed.

PineThey’re messing with me at this point.  Pine, what are you even?  Am I supposed to hate or adore you?  As far as the episode title is concerned, Pine’s was the sincerest reconciliation of all.  Her notable character growth was the absolute best part of “Reconciliation.”  She’s recovering from her god complex nicely, but in a natural way.  There’s no complete turnaround yet, but she’s starting to see the light.  However, she’s still close enough to the darker side of Chester’s Mill.  Just as easily, she can be sucked back in.  We have a new character arriving at a fork in the road.  It’s exciting to watch and the way they’re writing Pine is gripping.

Was it entirely pleasing?  Not the best, but it was enjoyable for the most part.  There’s some good storytelling happening.  Plus, there’s a freakin’ tunnel behind the locker and once I saw that, it kind of outweighed any negative opinions I had concerning the episode.  SECRET.  TUNNEL.  Give me Monday!