EXCLUSIVE: INTERVIEW – ‘Sleepy Hollow’ at SDCC ’14

Fox went all out with Sleepy Hollow in San Diego — in addition to the panels and interviews and autograph sessions,  the network hosted The Sleepy Hollow Oculus Rift Show Experience at the Sleepy Hollow Barn. What the heck is an Oculus Rift Show? Basically, it’s a fully-immersive virtual reality game. This video explains it better than I can:

The Official Season 2 Poster Unvelied at SDCC

The Official Season 2 Poster Unvelied at SDCC

With an Accent got to hang out at the Barn for some exclusive interviews with the show’s stars — we got to chat with Lyndie Greenwood (Jenny Mills), Kaita Winter (Katrina Crane) and Tom Mison (Ichabod himself). As always, the cast couldn’t divulge a whole lot about the much-anticipated Season 2, but we can expect a lot of crazy intensity — and plenty of stunts done by the actors themselves. Winter alluded to a sort of “Beauty and the Beast” storyline between Katrina and The Headless Horseman, though how far the show will go with that we’ll just have to see. Now that Katrina has been freed from Purgatory, she’ll have more to do. Mison discussed the complexities and process of playing the sometimes comical, sometimes earnest fish-out-of-water Ichabod, and how he deals with challenges like having to deliver lines in ancient languages. Watch the interviews yourself:

Other Sleepy Hollow news from SDCC included new monsters (including a Pied Piper that seems to have a lot of potential), Nicole Beharie representing on the “Woemn Who Kick Ass Panel,” and… driving lessons for Ichabod. The show might be getting darker and more intense, but it looks like we can expect more of the culture shock awkwaedness the fans love, too.

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Featured Photo courtesy of Fox Fanfare