Supernatural SDCC 2014 Roundup

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Supernatural is about to begin its tenth season this fall, a season which will include its 200th episode. So this year’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con had a hint of nostalgia as the actors reminisced about when they first started filming the show. There were also hints at what we can expect in the upcoming season (though not much more than that) as well as a short clip and a gag reel, both of which unfortunately have yet to be released online in any official capacity.

Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles, Jeremy Carver, Jared Padalecki, Mark Sheppard at SDCC 2014


What does next season have in store for the Winchester brothers and their friends? The biggest issue right out the gate, of course, is Dean being a demon. Jensen Ackles says that he’s not possessed by a demon, as we have seen with other characters like Sam, but it’s his actual soul that has been twisted into a demon. It’s Dean, but it’s also not him, which Jensen said was like introducing a new character—something that was particularly difficult for him to do because he also had to direct the episode! (Though apparently he’ll be tied up for most of it…) Demon!Dean even gets the car, but he doesn’t care about it as much as regular Dean.

In a press room interview, Jensen went a little more into detail about the differences between the two Deans. This Dean doesn’t care about anyone or anything, even his beloved Impala, which was intentional on Jensen’s part. He had wanted to do the opposite of last season, where Dean had been a tortured soul, suffering from the loss of his brotherly relationship with Sam and his guilt over Gadreel and Kevin. So this is a very different Dean, and what better way to show that than karaoke? Yeah, Dean will be singing his demon heart out in one of the opening episodes (not to be confused with the promised “musical-ish” 200th episode). Demon!Dean has no goal in mind, just pure selfishness, doing whatever—and whoever—he feels like. But don’t expect it to be all fun and demon games. Jensen promises it will be pretty dark stuff as Dean acts carelessly and struggles with what it means to be a demon.

Sam, meanwhile, will be trying to find his brother so he can help him. That is, once he figures out that Dean has become a demon, because he didn’t witness Dean’s demonic rebirth. Jared Padalecki says that he’s happy he doesn’t have to be the one to play a different version of himself, letting Jensen stretch those acting muscles instead this season.

SDCC 2014 supernatural panel with full cast and showrunner Jeremy Carver


Castiel will also be trying to help Dean, despite being weakened by his dying angel grace. His main focus will be helping Dean, at least in the early episodes. In the press room, Misha Collins mentioned in an interview that Cas will be like he’s sick because of his depleting powers, unlike how we’ve seen him before when he’s been depowered. He won’t be human, he’ll just be impaired. He also hinted at the possibility that Metatron will be the key to restoring Castiel’s original grace, but Cas is unwilling to cooperate with Metatron in any way after the events of last season. Castiel will be grounded more on Earth than in Heaven, though we will get to see some angels in the early episodes, including Hannah.

As for Crowley, played by Supernatural’s newest series regular (though far from a new cast member) Mark Sheppard, details were sparse, but it sounds like Crowley may not have fully realized just how things would turn out once Dean became a demon. The question we’ll be asking in the early part of the season is whether or not Crowley actually has any power over Demon!Dean or not.

Osric Chau in costume crashing Supernatural SDCC 2014 panel

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But possibly the biggest surprise during the panel came not from the hints for next season, but when a masked fan approached the microphone during the Q&A session only to whip off his elaborate helmet to reveal himself as Osric Chau, the actor who played fan favorite Kevin Tran! Unfortunately for Kevin, he was killed last season by the angel Gadreel, so naturally Osric’s first question was to showrunner Jeremy Carver: “When’s Kevin coming back?” No serious answer was given, but if Carver is as smart as he looks then he might want to start looking into a way to bring our little Prophet of the Lord back from the dead.

While we might not be seeing Kevin again anytime soon, Carver did promise something else that fans want: there will be many new and recurring female characters on the show to look forward to. Here’s hoping Charlie and Jody will be back—and will survive!

If you weren’t able to see the panel, and if you can’t find any decent versions fans have leaked online, at least you can enjoy the interview Jensen, Jared, Misha, and Mark did over at Nerd HQ. Again, not much was revealed about the upcoming season, but it’s always a laugh to watch these guys hanging out:

Did anything surprise you about this year’s panel (besides Osric showing up)? What do you think this new season will be like? Let us know in the comments!