‘Reign’ Lives On in Season 2 Teaser Trailer

Royals! Finally, footage of the second season of Reign has been revealed (courtesy of a little convention known as Comic Con)!

The CW released a trailer for the new season, which is very recap-esque of the first season with a glimpse into what’s to come. But it was the 40 second teaser trailer that Entertainment Weekly exclusively shared that really piqued my interest.

In this trailer, Mary, Queen of Scots, informs her people of the incoming black death that is sure to wipe out everyone that comes in its path. But they are safe and prepared within these castle walls. Catherine, however, isn’t so sure (as she whispers her doubts to a clean-shaven Nostradamus). Right she is, as we see several characters become affected by said plague (Bash!?). Once lovers, Greer and Leith, share “not over each other” eye contact. Away from the castle, Francis (whom Mary shut out from the castle in the finale) is with Lola, holding their newborn bastard child. The two seem to be okay…for the time being. Bash and Kenna’s love also seem to be tested when Bash has to physically break down a door to get to his wife. (The hug they share would warm even the coldest of hearts).

reignseason2The trailer ends with Catherine and Mary sitting side-by-side, and Catherine saying to the young queen: “Welcome to your rule, my Queen. And welcome to the reign of France.” Judging by this trailer alone, the second season of Reign is sure to be just as good as the season prior.The second season premieres on Thursday, October 2nd at 9pm/8c on The CW.

What do you hope to see (or not see) in this upcoming season? Leave us your thoughts/feels in the comments below! For me personally, I hope all of our beloved main characters are not harmed from the plague (was it just me or at the :33 mark does that ailing woman resemble our Lady Kenna?) and that Francis and Lola return safely to the castle.

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