First Trailer Released for Season 3 of ‘Arrow’

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The CW promises an “epic third season” in the first trailer for the upcoming season of Arrow. With a run time of two and a half minutes, the first minute of the trailer recaps the events of season two. The remainder of the trailer gives fans a first look of Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer, Peter Stormare as the new Count Vertigo, and Colton Haynes’ Roy Harper in full Arsenal attire.

As far as story goes, a business partnership between Ollie and Laurel is implied, a younger Ollie tries to escape from Amanda Waller and his captors in Hong Kong, Detective Lance is alive and well and has possibly been promoted, and present day Ollie and Felicity go out to a romantic dinner followed by something horrible. Take a look.

A few more details for the upcoming season, not mentioned in the trailer, were revealed at Comic-Con International. Willa Holland promises a very different Thea Queen. There will be an Arrow/Flash crossover beginning when Felicity takes a trip to Central City in the fourth episode of The Flash. Also, Collin Donnell will return as Tommy Merlyn in a flashback scene in episode two of Arrow‘s third season.

Lastly, it’s been revealed that an episode premiering later in the season will feature flashbacks of Felicity’s past. The episode will be titled “Oracle”. When most DC readers hear the name Oracle they automatically think of former Batgirl, Barbara Gordon. In the comics, after being paralyzed, Barbara Gordon had took the alias Oracle as she assists Batman and the Birds of Prey from her computer, much like Felicity does now with Arrow. It’s highly unlikely the series will introduce a character so deeply entwined in the Batman mythos, especially since Geoff Johns has revealed the TV universe and the movie universe are separate entities, and seems more likely that Felicity will be considered Arrow‘s Oracle.

Now sound off, Arrow heads! Did you like the new trailer for season three? What do you think of where the show is headed based on the details revealed at Comic-Con? Feel free to let us know in the comments.


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