Teen Wolf, S4 Ep5 – I.E.D.

I need to get something off my chest before diving into this interview: was anyone else excited for a new werewolf girl?  WHY DID SHE HAVE TO DIE, Teen Wolf?  Really, she seemed cool for the split second she was alive.  RIP, Carrie Hudson (the pack mate that could have been).  Phew, okay.  Sorry about that.  Moving on.

Other than my sad, little heart breaking for a character I hardly knew, “I.E.D.” was actually explosive.  It had everything.  This season is heading down an exciting path.  I never would have guessed that the simple concept of a hit man would account for so much of Teen Wolf‘s usual roller coaster ride.  It’s working too!  You might think it’s not enough before seeing it play out on the screen, but upon viewing it, you can’t go back to thinking that way.  This is bigger than the hunters.  They may leave death in their wake, but they’re usually doing it to protect the world against supernatural forces.  Here we have people out to murder peaceful, supernatural beings for money.  Quite frankly, it’s scary.  And this episode is scary good.

LiamLiam.  Baby Liam.  All we needed was a few extra character details to make him the most precious were-pup on the face of the planet.  We discover that Liam has a behavioral disorder called I.E.D. (intermittent explosive disorder).  It’s exactly what it sounds like.  The disorder makes Liam explosive.  It’s where he gets his anger issues from.  To treat the disorder, a psychologist provided him with a medication that would help his anger to subside, but he doesn’t take it.  Why, you might ask?  The drug makes him sleepy and it hurts his ability to play lacrosse.  For me, that skyrockets his character onto my favorites list.  It gives Liam levels.  He’s more than a kid with a short fuse.  Liam is truly passionate about something, and maybe he feels like lacrosse is all he has.  He’d rather not live in a fog.  He won’t take medication if it means losing something he loves.  Not everyone will understand that predicament, but Teen Wolf has been doing an excellent job of appealing to different groups of people a little at a time.  To those who have a disorder, that little piece of dialogue will have true meaning.  I don’t think it’s something that’s often portrayed by youth actors on television.  Some might overlook this small scene, but it is powerful.

Garrett lacrosseSomewhere along the line, Garrett and Violet got hooked up with the wrong people.  We don’t know much about them yet, but they’re clearly privileged.  Well, at the very least, they’re recently privileged due to the Benefactor’s payments.  How do they even know so much about the supernatural community?  The Benefactor may be giving them pointers, but these high schoolers seem awfully used to annihilating werewolves.  I’ll be needing an explanation soon because they’re clearly not hunters.  Not with those tactics.  They attempted to kill a werewolf during a lacrosse game with plenty of spectators present.  For some reason, I had a feeling Brett was their intended target, and my guess ended up being right.  Liam was far too predictable.  And I think the most satisfying moment of the season so far has to be when Scott puts the smackdown on Violet.  It was so simple, yet SO GOOD.  Scott legitimately caught a bad guy!  How great is that!  They’re calling Papa Stilinski and everything.  I’m sure a lot can happen on the way between school and an interrogation room, but here’s hoping they get some answers out of her.  Answers would be spectacular.

LydiaParrish, WHO ARE YOU?  He’s not worth that much money, so he can’t be Mr. Super Alpha Buff Werewolf, but still!  He’s got something up his sleeve!  Lydia had better tell him to watch his back.  They’re developing some sort of awkward friendship, so I feel like she’s obligated to tell him.  And even though I’m sensing a mild romantic chemistry, I don’t want it because that would get weird really fast. Just want my stance to be clear.  If he were a bit younger, maybe (Kate’s secret youth ritual would be helpful right about now).  And I hate to bring up a sore subject, but Lydia’s cipher keys are painful.  There needs to be a more substantial way of remembering the fallen, but these little jabs hurt just the same.  These characters were a huge part of Teen Wolf, and they should never be forgotten because they’ve shaped the pack in an irreversible way.  What will name #3 be?  I’m not sure, but it’ll probably hurt my soul.  I will be expecting more opportunities to honor their memory, though.  And if we are not given such opportunities, we’re going to have a problem up in here.  The cipher keys hit the right nerve, but it’s not enough.

Next episode is going to be terrifying for one reason and one reason only.  It’s not the assassins or the Benefactor.  It’s not even the Calavera family.  Papa Argent scared the hell out of me.  What is he going to do?  No clue, but I’m guessing it’ll make me pee my pants.  Bring toilet paper, kiddos.