Supernatural Casts New Female Character

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Ruth Connell

Ruth Connell

The cult favorite TV show Supernatural does not have a very good track record with female characters. Usually if a woman is on the show she’s just there as a brief love interest for one of the characters, but there have also been a handful who have either not been a love interest or have been developed beyond a cardboard cutout booty call. But no matter what, there’s one thing you can almost guarantee for a woman on Supernatural: she’s going to die, horribly.

There are precious few who have still survived, such as Jody Mills and Charlie Bradbury, but the sheer number of dead females on this show should be enough to make any actress auditioning for a role on it nervous about long-term employment. With that in mind, please welcome the newest female character who has been added to the cast!

Scottish actress Ruth Connell will be playing a recurring character named Rowena, who is an “old-school witch” attempting to regain her power base. It’s interesting that she’s Scottish, since King of Hell Crowley was a Scotsman when he was alive, and his also Scottish time-traveling son is now living in the present day in what is surely an affront to quantum physics. We also know that Crowley’s mother was a witch. So is there any connection between these characters? Will Rowena be a new villain? Will she last beyond a handful of episodes? Who knows!

Supernatural premieres its tenth season on Tuesday, October 7 on the CW. What do you think about the latest casting news? Let us know in the comments below!