Extant S1 Ep 3 – Wish You Were Here

Mysterious symbol

Heh. Well played with the title of this episode, writers. This was another fast-paced and intriguing week, and I’m actually starting to care about the characters and wonder about what’s coming next. Good sign, as long as the show isn’t suddenly canceled on me.

Also, in case you'd forgotten, Halle Berry is beautiful.

Also, in case you’d forgotten, Halle Berry is beautiful.

More good signs include the fact that I have sympathy for John again, after kind of disliking him last week. His devastated, “Why would you say something like that?” when Molly finally tells him she’s pregnant was perfect. There, I really believed that they’ve been married and suffered together. Unfortunately, I still don’t feel a whole lot of romantic chemistry between them, but I can at least buy them having a shared history.

I also appreciate Julie, John’s partner, not just being the girl in love with her married boss. It seems that her motivation is more along the lines of loving Ethan, and being unsure about John and Molly’s plans for Ethan’s life and development. So there’s still some jealousy there, but at least it’s more complex.

I was half-expecting Sam, Molly’s doctor friend, to reveal that she’s eeeevil by the end of the episode – but otherwise, I was going to go with her getting killed off or mysteriously disappearing, and it looks like I could be right about that. It would be nice if she wasn’t evil. I hope we do get to see the results of the blood test, either way.

Ethan likes animals.

It might have been less creepy if he hadn’t obviously planned the whole thing so carefully.

Ethan was also likable this week. Except when he was tormenting small animals, of course. Yeesh. Does he need to have a Short Circuit, Johnny 5 moment where he realizes what ‘alive’ and ‘dead’ mean? Or… would that just serve to prove that his robot body has no heart? And way to be all self-righteous about secrets while clearly hiding the fact that Ethan’s done this kind of thing before, John. Yeah, there’s no way your android son could possibly be dangerous.

It shouldn’t have been a surprise that Dead Marcus’s brother wasn’t actually there at Molly’s party (though I was surprised). Glad Molly and John are finally on the same page in terms of what’s going on with her. I mean, maybe both Sam and John will still turn out to be untrustworthy, but if so, it’s interesting that both of them told Molly not to trust Sparks, the head of the ISEA, which was good advice.

Speaking of Sparks, I didn’t see that ending coming. It seems John, Molly, and Ethan are now on the run? If that lasts more than a few minutes into the next episode, it would certainly up the stakes even more. Ethan’s supposed to be learning how to interact with other kids now, and John’s supposed to be doing science with Julie. Molly? Well, I guess she’s still growing a mystery baby, no matter what happens next. I guess we’re about to see if this shadowy conspiracy will kill to protect their secrets, and what exactly they want with Molly’s baby.

What did you think? Did you see any of the twists coming? Let us know below.