Colton Haynes Suits up for Season Three of ‘Arrow’

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Colton Haynes as Arsenal

Colton Haynes as Arsenal

Colton Haynes, who plays Oliver Queen’s apprentice Roy Harper, will be getting a brand new costume for the upcoming third season of The CW’s Arrow. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly for the scoop. The picture to the right shows Haynes dressed as the hooded DC Comics hero Arsenal.

In the comics, Roy Harper became a sidekick to Green Arrow under the name Speedy. Since The CW has already used the name Speedy as a nickname for Oliver Queen’s sister Thea, Roy will be assuming the role of Arsenal. Roy first appeared as Arsenal in New Teen Titans #99 in 1993. He had later changed his name to Red Arrow, and has since gone back to using Arsenal within the continuity of DC’s New 52 relaunch. Currently Arsenal can be seen fighting alongside former Batman sidekick Jason Todd/Red Hood and Starfire in Red Hood and the Outlaws.

Colton Haynes will make his debut as Arsenal in the first episode of Arrow‘s third season, which premieres October 8, 2014. Check out the costume and let us know what you think of Roy’s new look in the comments.


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