Teen Wolf, S4 Ep4 – The Benefactor

“The Benefactor” had a lot going on.  WHAT A BASH!  If the episode was a party and a party happened in the episode, does that make it partyception?  Most likely.  In that case, Partyception was exceedingly enjoyable.  To be perfectly honest, I missed the frenzied transformations of fresh were-things.  On a show like Teen Wolf, you’d think the full moon would play a bigger role, but it definitely gave a spectacular performance for this chapter!  Since so much went down, we’re going to go by categories: newbies, veterans, and villains.

LiamMTV actually managed to seamlessly incorporate valid teen struggle into the were-transformations shown.  I didn’t take Dylan Sprayberry all that seriously during the last episode.  He played a character that things happened to, but he made things happen this time around.  He evolved quickly.  From busting out of Scott’s house to letting his anger go wild, Liam became unique.  We discover that he was kicked out of his last school because he beat his teacher’s car to a pulp.  Liam confesses to Scott that he’s afraid of hurting his family again when they find out what he is because he’s put them through so much already.  We also find out that Malia feels she must constantly keep herself under control because of the pain she caused her family.  She doesn’t want to hurt the ones she loves.  Stiles is the only one who calls her away from her fear.  Both Sprayberry and Hennig deliver truly moving performances.

Lydia and ScottOn the flip side, Scott and Stiles become anchors.  Malia and Stiles share a very touching moment, and Scott snaps Liam out of his despair by telling him he’s not a monster.  They’ve matured so much over the course of four seasons.  And how can we possibly forget the whole deal with Lydia in this episode?  She happens across a soundproof room in the lake house.  A soundproof room would be the perfect location for a banshee, don’t you think?  It would be a place where all extraneous sounds could be blocked out and a banshee could hear the sounds his/her powers were made for.  This brings up a lot of concerns.  Who built that room?  Was it made for Lydia, or does the banshee condition run in the family somehow?  She has to be worrying about this too.  How did a record player in a lake house tell her the key to a code that showed up on her computer?  There are so many details just waiting to be linked.

MuteSpeaking of that code, the hit list looks mighty terrifying.  The Benefactor is tied to Allison in some way.  Whoever he/she is, this person is out for blood of the supernatural variety.  The Benefactor’s web spreads wider than we initially thought, as shown by the mystery person sending money to Garrett’s account.  Never thought Garrett would be relevant, but Teen Wolf is full of surprises!  The Mute was the Benefactor’s hired assassin as well.  Getting information out of him might have been possible if Peter hadn’t decided to tear him to pieces.  Peter belongs in the villain section, sadly.  Only a villain would behave in such a manner.  Truthfully, Peter has never been good.  Any goodness he’s displayed has typically been a cover for scheming.  He can’t be trusted.  The writers do a wonderful job of reminding us that the most bloodthirsty wolf in the pack happens to be the oldest.  He’s not all sarcasm and charm.  Peter is rage and vengeance.  He has rightfully earned his spot on the list of targets, because whoever identified him as a threat judged correctly.

We have a lot of new beginnings for the next episode.  Liam will start a new part of his life.  Lydia and the gang will have to search for answers if they’re going to avoid being killed by the villain behind the curtain.  I’m thinking the key to the code might give them a decent head start.  Let’s see how Jeff Davis connects the dots.