Under the Dome, S2 Ep3 – Force Majeure

Apparently, we’re upgrading the Dome from mysterious force to vengeful god.  The Dome, according to Lyle: Dear Journal, The blood rain burned eleven heathens today.  It was beautiful.  Tomorrow is going to be great.  Yippee!  He didn’t write that, but I imagine it’s what he would have proclaimed had the acid continued to fall from the sky.  “Force Majeure” went more than a little biblical on us, but it was only a matter of time before some fanatic started wishing death upon the non-believers.  And Pine isn’t guiltless either.  She’s a fanatic in a different sense.  I mean, she’s talking about the prospect of eliminating innocent residents of Chester’s Mill.  Cabin fever is setting in under the Dome.  They’ve all got plenty of space for wandering, but claustrophobia is clouding their brains and that’s a crowd you can’t get away from.  Their resources won’t last forever.  For those who have reached that realization, the tension must be stifling.  If they don’t find a solution, they’ll undoubtedly turn on each other.  Will the Dome make further population cuts, or will the people living underneath it beat its almighty hand to the punch?

PinePine.  Pine, Pine, Pine.  She wasn’t making much of a racket before, but she sure as hell is now!  After experiencing her presence on the show for a few episodes, I believe Under the Dome needed her.  Also, there’s the lingering possibility just out of reach that she may be more of an evil mastermind than Big Jim.  That’s saying something, compadres.  Last season, we viewed Big Jim as the end-all be-all of baddies.  He hoodwinked people into thinking he was for the good of the town.  None of them were on his level.  Pine is the first.  The story has given him a partner, and she is his perfect counterpart.  Big Jim knows how to speak to the people, and Pine knows how to carry out plans.  Her scientific brain has fully kicked in with a “survival of the fittest” attitude.  Big Jim is all about passion and firing up the people.  Pine removes passion from the equation entirely.  And, whether he’s aware of it or not, Pine may make a puppet of Big Jim yet.  As seen in “Force Majeure,” she does go through times of weakness.  For instance, when she throws the bowl of acid rain at Lyle.  She is not without emotion, but she may be without a heart.  In my opinion, that makes her the scariest villain under the Dome.

JuliaTrouble in paradise?  Oh, yes.  Nothing like a lover’s quarrel to spice things up!  At least they were happy for a short while after their reunion.  Pine is a wedge between the two.  She appeals to all of the practicality of Barbie and directly opposes Julia’s sympathetic nature.  Pine does not feel for anyone (except Big Jim), and that disgusts Julia.  To see Barbie side with someone so unfeeling is jarring for her.  Julia jumps to see the good in people.  Melanie Cross is someone to be helped and all Barbie does is accuse her.  Barbie became a righteous person over the course of last season, and this may very well be the start of his decline.  Julia’s not having it.  Here’s hoping they can find each other again.

LyleLyle has become an extremely important character over the course of one episode.  He holds too many mysteries in the palm of his hand, and Junior plans on discovering them all.  The writers have opened a can of worms and there’s no getting them back in now.  Lyle, Sam, and Pauline are all tied together.  I usually have theories at the ready for Under the Dome.  Not this time.  NOTHING.  I HAVE NOTHING.  If anyone has any thoughts concerning their involvement with the Dome or any other aspect of the show, feel free to talk to me.  I’m in the dark.

Being in the dark is exciting, and “Force Majeure” prepares us for the light to come.  Explanations are in short supply at this point, but I’m hoping they won’t be for long.  Now that we have Dome Girl’s real name, I’m sure we’ll discover how Barbie knows her soon.  If not, my head will probably explode.  You hear that, writers?  Save my life.  Give me answers to my numerous questions.  Please and thank you.