‘Castle’ Season 7 Gets A Premiere Date, A Few Plot Details

ABC has announced that Castle will be returning to its normal time slot on Monday, September 29. Furthermore, there will be no time jump, so we can expect the show to pick up right where it left off, with Beckett in her wedding gown and Castle … who knows where. Creator Andrew Marlowe has also released some details of what to expect in the upcoming season. Minor spoilers ahead:


Back after the season 6 finale, Marlowe said that the show is introducing a new mythology that they want to start off “with a bang”, but we can still expect Kate and Rick to get married sometime soon. (That must mean that – shocker! – Castle isn’t dead!) The new showrunner, David Amann, will be writing the two-part season opener.

Will you be tuning in on the 29th of September to see how the new mythology and new showrunner start out?

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