Under the Dome, S2 Ep2 – Infestation

Aren’t butterflies just the best?  They love to fly, and pollinate plants… and cover up dead bodies in schools… and lay eggs that make caterpillars which immediately eat crops necessary for the survival of whole towns.  THE BEST.  “Infestation” is mildly horrifying for three reasons: (1) caterpillars everywhere, (2) the new girl in town is held at gunpoint, and (3) Big Jim rises from the ashes like a haughty, self-absorbed phoenix.  Chester’s Mill continues on its usual path of downward spiral.

Pine and BarbieI used to like caterpillars.  It’s going to take me a while to bounce back after this episode.  “GET OUT OF MY GARDEN, LONE WIGGLE-WIGGLE!  YOU’RE STEALING MY SUSTENANCE!”  *calls for a trial by combat* Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but the thought of being enclosed in the Dome with too many merciless leaf-eaters is daunting.  It looks like the residents of the town solve the problem, though… after Barbie comes a little too close to being annihilated, of course.  Like, close enough to wave and ask Death how the kids are doing.  Oh, Big Jim is sooo great.  He saved Barbie’s life.  What a hero!  You know what would’ve been better than telling him about the switch as the plane was going down?  Telling him about the switch BEFORE he got in the damn plane!  Barbie almost died because of a bug problem and Big Jim’s twisted idea of chivalry.  I’m glad the problem is taken care of, but Rebecca Pine has me worried.  She’s the extra nudge that Big Jim needs.  At first, she was simply an intriguing character.  She possesses a scientific mind and is the first to notice their caterpillar problem, but she’s chosen the wrong side.  No good will come from her close association with the car salesman.  This part of the plot wasn’t as high stakes as the magnetic Dome, but that’s probably because they had to pair it with… MURDER AFTERMATH.

JuniorPoor Dome Girl.  She’s having a rough time of it.  Popping out of lakes, being accused of murder… it’s not easy, my friends.  Not easy.  I’ve been waiting for them to officially name her on the show.  You can spoil it for yourself on IMDb if you’re interested, but for now, she continues to be shrouded in mysterious mystery.  The relationship developing between Julia and Dome Girl is very sweet, and I’m glad at least someone is extending a hand of welcome to her.  Also, I’m going to need everyone in Chester’s Mill to ease up on the whole vengeance act.  Did not expect Joe to seriously entertain the idea of shooting a girl in a cage.  This is a shocking piece of character development.  He was all about the good deeds until a loss hit too close to home.  Maybe if he’d looked a few cells over, he would have found Angie’s bracelet under Junior’s bed and been on a completely different rampage.  However, it is my belief that Junior didn’t do it.  It’s all too convenient, don’t you think?  This poor (still kind of crazy) boy is being made to believe he killed the love of his life.  After everything he’s put the audience through, I’m surprised to say I actually feel sorry for him.

Big JimIf we could collectively punch Big Jim in the face without him knowing, we would probably do it.  One-two punch, for sure.  It might be enough to knock him down off his high horse.  Let’s be real for a second: Chester’s Mill would be so much more bearable without him.  The Dome wants him alive, though.  He is now viewed as a hero by most in the town, and now that he’s been unofficially elected to the position of spiritual guide, he’s turning into a bit of a cult leader.  The absolute worst thing I can imagine happening in the Dome is Big Jim becoming a cult leader.  He has not turned over a new leaf.  He’s just going about acquiring power in a different way.  These writers are doing an amazing job of making me despise him.  What a scumbag.

“Infestation” was pretty darn good.  “Heads Will Roll” is the better episode of the two, but that can be said of most season openers.  Also, Junior is innocent (this time).  The boy blacked out, but he is not guilty of murdering Angie.  That’s my theory.  Whether you agree or disagree, please feel free to tell me about your theories below!  Under the Dome is wild, and there are about a dozen different theories for every little plot happening.  Let me know what you think!