Teen Wolf, S4 Ep2 – 117

This is the best episode I’ve seen of Teen Wolf in a long while.  It was such an amazing balance of humor, drama, and action.  Everyone seemed to be highly involved in the story too.  Even some of the smaller moments people may have skimmed over (such as Kira and Lydia bonding at the gas station, or Mr. McCall being upset over Scott not meeting him for dinner) were completely essential because they helped the characters grow and develop.  “117” had no real fluff, and that’s what was so fantastic about it.  They made the absolute best of the allotted time they were given to tell a compelling story.  Even though our beloved Hoechlin was nowhere to be seen for the majority of the episode, the rest of the players rose to the occasion gracefully.  I am too freakin’ pleased with how this turned out.

Malia and ScottMalia is brilliant, and here begins my defense of her brilliance.  Those who dislike her do so because they are protective of their “Stydia” ship.  Stiles isn’t shipping your ship at the moment.  So what?  Let’s look at her character objectively without bringing Stilinski into the equation.  First of all, she’s hilarious.  She’s a fish out of water from day one and her journey to becoming acclimated is wonderful.  When questioned during class, her “what is school” face was the most perfect face, and I’m positive more than a few of you related to her predicament.  We’ve all been there.  For being away from civilization for so long, she is unabashedly human with her reactions.  Rough around the edges, but totally endearing.  She doesn’t get all the rules yet and that’s understandable.  Malia’s emotions are sometimes closer to instincts and her animalistic nature makes itself known (Stiles’ back understands).  Maybe she’ll always be a funny balance of  were-coyote and human, but that’s okay because it makes her a truly unique part of the pack.  Her transformation isn’t something she does.  It’s something she is.  She’s actually really refreshing and breathes a new kind of life into the show.  Not that the show was lifeless by any means, but this is a new angle.  Please, do not treat her like she’s simply some ruthless homewrecker.  THAT IS NOT THE CASE, DUDES.  Get on the Malia train.  She’s here to stay.  Jeff Davis has made a real gem for us.  Also, we have cookies on the train.  Just throwing that out there.  No pressure.

Baby DerekOH, THE DRAMA.  This Baby Derek episode was spot on.  It looks like Tyler is back now, but is it wrong to say I wish Ian Nelson’s run had been a bit longer?  His compelling portrayal of the character left me wanting more.  I wanted to see him enrolled in school and interacting with the pack in a friendly way.  Maybe his return is part of the plan, but only time will tell.  Also, Kate kissed him.  The grossness levels were dangerously high.  There was an initial rush of, “Ew, why the hell did they do that?”  Then, I realized… Kate Argent would definitely do that because she is a seriously twisted individual.  The writers were being true to the character, so I couldn’t be mad.  Just insanely grossed out.  Peter’s part in all of this drama is nothing to sneeze at either.  He meets his daughter for the first time.  I don’t know how Malia is going to take the news when she discovers he’s Papa Peter to her, but I have a feeling it’s not going to be good.  Maybe she’ll feel better when he gives her a cut of the family fortune… that was just stolen (oops).  I knew the Hale’s were probably rich to some extent, but I didn’t suspect they were mega millionaires.  For once, a new enemy didn’t have some sort of mystical goal.  Going after that kind of cash seems like a very practical one, unless they plan on using it for pack-damaging purposes.  The robbery was totally left-field for me.  I can’t even predict what direction they’re taking this in, but it’s going to be an interesting ride.

BerserkerUh… Berserkers?  Are there more of them?  Are we all going to die?  All valid questions.  They’re basically walking tanks of terror and they beat the crap out of the pack.  For once, I supported Peter’s point of view: run away like it’s a horse race.  This also reaffirmed one extremely important view for me:  they need more pack members as soon as possible.  The monster list keeps growing and they need more people willing to fight the good fight.  That being said, I return to something I mentioned in my first article for the season.  Who will Scott change first?  Clearly, this is the point the writers are trying to make.  They won’t be able to hold on with their small pack.  There are just too many threats knocking at their door, and they need to respond with more firepower.  I think we’ll be having a visit from a particular hunter family sooner than we think, if you get my meaning.

I have a soft spot for Teen Wolf, so I try my best to be impartial and critical, but I truly believe “117” did all of the right things.  It catapulted the entire series forward in new and captivating ways.  “Muted” is the title of next week’s episode, and I can’t really make any predictions from that.  This show has more surprises in store for us, and I think we should ready ourselves for the most shocking season yet.