Interviews from the 41st Annual Saturn Awards!

The 41st Annual Saturn AwardsWe were on hand at the red carpet for the 41st Annual Saturn Awards this past weekend, and were able to catch some of the guests on their way inside – including the one and only Ernie Hudson from Ghostbusters!

Ernie shared with us the thing he remembers most about hanging out on the streets of New York with Bill Murray and shares his current secret to a happy life.

Eric Balfour talked to us about the future of Syfy’s Haven – and all the scary things down in that hole! (And PS: Fun and charming as always – who can resist anything with Eric Balfour in it?)

Seth Gabel from Salem and Fringe stopped by to let everyone know not to miss the last episodes of Salem’s season. Seth also shared his feelings about his characters Lincoln Lee from the much missed Fringe!

Emmet Skilton of The Almighty Johnsons – a Kiwi import fantasy comedy/drama television series about four brothers who happen to be Norse gods –  told us about the show and his character (he plays the youngest, who gets a big surprise on his 21st birthday). He’s so delightful, we can’t wait to see it!

The cast of El Rey’s From Dusk Till Dawn series talks the launching of a new network and their respect for the amazing work of Robert Rodriguez. Don’t miss this great show, which is already picked up for a second season.