Former Superman Brandon Routh Cast in ‘Arrow’ as The Atom

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Brandon Routh is The Atom

Brandon Routh / The Atom

The casting news for the third season of The CW’s Arrow keeps rolling in. This time it appears Brandon Routh has been cast as the DC Comics character Ray Palmer, also known as The Atom. Brandon Routh is no stranger to portraying comic book characters on screen having appeared in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Dylan Dog, and of course 2006’s Superman Returns as Superman himself. According to Deadline, Routh is set to appear in 14 episodes beginning this upcoming season.

Ray Palmer/The Atom first appeared in 1961 in the 34th issue of DC’s anthology series Showcase. Since then he has maintained a presence in the DC universe and has even been a member of the Justice League. In the current New 52 continuity he is a scientist affiliated with the organization known as S.H.A.D.E. Similar to Marvel’s Ant-Man, The Atom is able to shrink in size.

While The Atom has appeared numerous times on the animated series Young Justice, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and others, the character has only appeared in a live-action setting once previously. Unfortunately, that one time was in the pilot for Justice League of America, a 1997 CBS-produced TV series that was never picked up. You can watch that failed pilot on YouTube if you want a good laugh.

What will Brandon Routh’s Ray Palmer bring to the table? Well, so far there has been no confirmation on whether or not he will develop his shrinking technology this season, but he will be a scientist/inventor and potential love interest for Felicity Smoak. Sorry, Olicity shippers.

So, Arrow heads, how do you feel about this latest casting decision? Are you happy to see Brandon Routh return to the DC universe? Let us know in the comments.