‘Arrow’ Writers Head to DC Comics, Peter Stormare Cast as New Count Vertigo

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We have two interesting tidbits of Arrow-related news for you today. Firstly, DC Comics has hired Arrow showrunner Andrew Kreisberg and writer Ben Sokolowski to take over writing duties on their current Green Arrow ongoing comics. Now this wouldn’t be the first time these two have worked in the world of comics, having also written DC’s current Arrow digital tie-in series and Green Arrow and Black Canary back in 2009. Kreisberg and Sokolowski’s run will begin this October with issue #35. Daniel Sampere, who has recently worked on Batgirl and Trinity of Sin: Pandora, will assume art duties.

This move by DC certainly makes a lot of sense when you consider how successful The CW’s Arrow has become, but being an avid reader of Green Arrow I worry that their run on the title might accidentally become too similar to the TV show. That being said , in a recent interview with the LA Times’ Hero Complex, Ben Sokolowski states:

We really want to bring the old-school Oliver Queen voice back to the character. In other words, the opinionated, liberal Robin Hood-esque hero that has fallen through the cracks a bit, both in the comics and TV models.

This certainly gives me hope, but while Sokolowski claims their Green Arrow will be different than the one we see on The CW, he also assures fans that some characters from the TV series will make their way into the comic eventually. As of right now the only character that originated on the TV series to make the jump to the comics is John Diggle, thanks to the current run by Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino.

Peter Stormare

Peter Stormare

The second piece of Arrow-related news has more to do with The CW series itself. Peter Stormare (Prison Break, Bad Boys II) has been cast in the upcoming third season of the series. He will be playing Werner Zytle, the new Count Vertigo. The previous Count Vertigo played by Seth Gabel (Fringe), who went by The Count, died in season two. Now Stormare’s Werner Zytle will take his place.

In the comics Werner Zytle/Count Vertigo is the ruler of the nation of Vlatava and is also involved in organized crime. Whether or not Arrow will maintain Zytle’s Vlatava back story is uncertain. I assume he will be portrayed as no more than a Starling City gangster/drug peddler. According to TVGuide, Zytle will be the first villain Team Arrow faces in season three. So, chances are we will see Stormare in the role this October.

Now sound off, Arrow heads! How do you feel about Peter Stormare becoming Starling City’s new Count Vertigo? Do you like the idea of Andrew Kreisberg and Ben Sokolowski writing Green Arrow comics in addition to The CW’s Arrow? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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