DC Comics Announces New ‘Wonder Woman’ Creative Team

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Wonder Woman by David Finch

Wonder Woman by David Finch

Since the debut of DC’s New 52 relaunch in 2011, Wonder Woman has been led by the creative team of Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang. Their run has been praised by many critics in the industry for not only being a great comic, but for not being too bogged down in the events of other DC titles. For example, while Action Comics and Superman may make mention of Diana Prince and Clark Kent’s relationship, Wonder Woman never had those details forced into it’s story.

Now it seems DC will change the direction of their Wonder Woman title a bit by first adding a brand new creative team this November. Beginning with issue #36, Wonder Woman will now be done by husband and wife duo David and Meredith Finch. Meredith Finch, who has written three one-shots for Zenescope Entertainment’s Tales from OZ, will assume writing duties. David Finch (Justice League, Forever Evil) will take on the art of the series.

According to USA Today, who broke the story, David and Meredith Finch’s take on Wonder Woman will focus on “her interpersonal relationships and her responsibilities to the Amazons and her fellow heroes in the Justice League.” In an interview with Comic Book Resources, Meredith Finch states she plans on making the book feel more “mainstream.” That already sounds very different than Azzarello and Chiang’s approach, but I welcome the change.

While Meredith Finch may not have much experience in the comic book industry thus far, I’m glad Wonder Woman will now be written by a woman. This may prove beneficial to the series and may take the character places Azzarello and Chiang wouldn’t know how to address. Also, from issue #1 to the current issue now in stores, I feel Wonder Woman has been telling one long three year story that has been difficult for new readers to jump into. With a new direction and new creative team, new readers can now jump in on issue #36 this November without a problem. Let’s just hope this new take is worth reading.

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