BOOM! Studios Launches ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Miniseries

Sleepy Hollow #1 - Jorge Coelho Variant

Cover by Jorge Coelho

BOOM! Studios, a publisher known for generating several successful comic books based on licensed properties as well as creator-owned projects, is launching a new four-issue miniseries based on the highly popular FOX drama Sleepy Hollow. The series will be written by rising star Marguerite Bennett, who has most recently written several one-shots for such series as Batman, Batgirl, Justice League, and more. Additionally, the miniseries will be drawn by Jorge Coelho (Polarity, Venom) and will include back-up stories illustrated by Noelle Stevenson (Lumberjanes).

In a recent interview with Comic Book Resources, Marguerite Bennett opened up about her already established love for the TV series before ever pitching the idea of a comic book to BOOM! Studios. Having collaborated with the team behind the TV series, Bennett assures fans that the comic book will be within the same continuity as the show saying:

The first two comics are each standalone, self-contained single issues, while the third and fourth will be our two-part finale, so to speak. The first issue takes place early in the season and is a story of magic, the second is in the middle and is a story of myth, and the third and fourth are close to the end, and are the story of a machine.

Additionally, Bennett elaborates and states that the characters Abbie, Ichabod, Jenny, Frank, Henry, Luke and Andy will “all play pivotal roles” and some new characters will also be introduced.

Personally, I’m looking forward this upcoming project. FOX’s Sleepy Hollow had a surprisingly great first season in my opinion, and having read and enjoyed several of Marguerite Bennett’s recent works I’m interested in seeing what she brings to the table. How about you, Sleepy Hollow fans? Is this miniseries something you like to read? Let us know in the comments.

Sleep Hollow #1 hits store shelves October 15, 2014. Season 2 of Sleepy Hollow premieres September 22 on FOX.