Guardians of the Galaxy: New Footage and Featurette

Guardians of the Galaxy logo

In only a little over a month, Marvel’s newest movie Guardians of the Galaxy will finally be released in theaters. A film that was thought of as risky at first, it’s now been gaining plenty of positive buzz thanks to its trailers and publicity. Among the latest promotions for the film are a new featurette, a new TV spot, and the chance to see 17 minutes of footage ahead of the official release.

First, we have a new featurette which explores the anti-hero aspect of the Guardians, who are a band of misfits that come together to help, you know, guard the galaxy. Take a look:

Next, there’s a new TV spot that gives us a partial explanation for how exactly this group of criminals and thugs comes together:

And last but not least, if you just can’t wait to see more of the movie before it’s released in August, then Marvel has an surprise for you. 150 IMAX theaters will be screening a 17-minute sequence from the film on July 7 at 7pm. Tickets are free and available on the Guardians of the Galaxy Facebook page.

Guardians of the Galaxy will be released in theaters July 31 in the UK and August 1 in the US. What do you think of the new videos? Do you plan to go to the special IMAX screening on 7/7 at 7? Do you just want to movie to be here already? Let us know in the comments!