Defiance S2 Ep02 – In My Secret Life

While last week’s episode “The Opposite of Hallelujah” showed more of the world Rockne S. O’Bannon has created by giving us glimpses of New Chicago and New Hollywood, “In My Secret Life” brings audiences back to the bottle that is the city of Defiance. Irisa (Stephanie Leonidas) and Nolan (Grant Bowler) return to the city they once briefly called home, but don’t exactly feel welcome. Add on top of that how different Defiance has become since the Earth Republic (E-Rep) occupation and we get to see the duo struggle to appropriately adjust.

Defiance - Season 2

Will Berlin and Nolan get along?

The episode kicks off with Nolan and Irisa being confronted by three E-Rep guardsmen at the entrance to Defiance. We are fully introduced to new series character Berlin (Anna Hopkins), the head E-Rep officer in Defiance. Right off the bat we can tell she knows how to take charge and isn’t someone you’d want to get on your bad side. After hostilely refusing to allow Berlin a view at her journal, Irisa ends up getting arrested. This leads to Nolan having to make a deal with Defiance’s newly appointed Mayor Pottinger (James Murray).

After being Nolan reunites with Amanda (Julie Benz) and meetis Pottinger for the first time a bomb goes off in the Defiance market. It’s not just any bomb, but a shrill Bomb. Basically, when this gruesome device explodes it launches these flesh eating insects called shrills into any nearby victims. Pottinger, by Amanda’s recommendation, offers Nolan a deal to essentially become Lawkeeper again and find the rebel who is seemingly terrorizing E-Rep occupiers with shrill bombs. Only then will Irisa be set free.

It was nice seeing Nolan back in his element again. Questioning civilians, interrogating and chasing suspects all to solve this latest mystery in Defiance. I even enjoyed seeing him work with Berlin on the case and Berlin’s analysis of Nolan’s character was also very interesting. She literally compares Nolan to Han Solo and calls Irisa his “hot Chewbacca.” I like how she mentions Nolan feels more at home in this post-apocalyptic world then he would’ve felt in a decent world, which is most likely true. Nolan revels in being that typical scoundrel-like character.

Tommy (Dewshane Williams), who gets more screen time here than in last week’s episode, is unhappy about Nolan’s return. With Nolan gone, Tommy had become Defiance’s head Lawkepper. Now Tommy has no choice but to be demoted. While his situation is tough he’s at least reunited with his love Irisa. Irisa makes a promise to Tommy to show him what she saw in the mines in last season’s finale. I really liked seeing them back together again but unfortunately their reunion was a brief one. I’ll get more into that later.

Defiance - Season 2

Yewll and Datak scheme together

The Tarr family goes through some interesting developments in this episode. Like last week’s episode Stahma (Jaime Murray) is once again confronting her son Alak (Jesse Rath) about his inability to show the strength his father showed. Meanwhile, his father Datak (Tony Curran) is still rotting away in Camp Reverie along with Doctor Yewll (Trenna Keating). While Mayor Pottinger makes a visit to the camp, Datak has a fellow Castithan prisoner attempt to stab Pottinger only so Datak can stop him and appear as a hero. It was definitely a smart plan on Datak’s part and I always love seeing Datak figure out new ways to help himself get out of a jam, but its all for naught since Pottinger doesn’t fall for it. Nice try, Datak.

Back in Defiance, Nolan eventually finds out that the Castithan known as Skevur (Michael Dyson) was behind the terrorist attacks. Skevur was beaten up by Stahma’s order in the season premiere. It turns out his terrorist attacks weren’t against the E-Rep occupiers at all but were meant for Stahma herself. In a less than satisfying climax, after discovering this information, Nolan stops a shrill bomb attached to the undercarriage Stahma’s car from exploding. Like a typical action movie scene the bomb gets disarmed as it hits the one second mark.

The episode concludes with Nolan agreeing to return as Lawkeeper and the majority of Defiance’s citizens regaining his trust after stopping the shrill bomb explosion. Nolan and Amanda commemorate his return by getting intimate in the NeedWant while Mayor Pottinger creepily watches through his surveillance feed. Alak shows some backbone by murdering Skeever. Irisa is freed from her prison cell as promise by Pottinger, but she soon gets the devastating truth that her former love Tommy is now with Berlin.

Defiance - Season 2

Tommy remains unhappy about being demoted

Overall, “In My Secret Life” was a mixed bag. After seeing more of the world of Defiance in the previous episode I was hoping this week’s episode would follow suit. I am enjoying seeing where certain characters are headed. I’m a sucker for love triangles and I’m interested in seeing what becomes of the situation between Irisa, Tommy, and Berlin. You could say I was an Irisa/Tommy shipper. The Tarr family is always interesting to watch but the conflict between Stahma and Alak just seemed like a rehash of what we already saw last week. This episode, as well as last week’s, was also very light on Rafe McCawley (Graham Greene). He’s never been an interesting character in my opinion but I’m hoping for this season of Defiance to change my view of him. Nolan, Irisa, Amanda, and Datak continue to be my favorite characters on Defiance and are the sole reason I continue to watch.

Defiance returns next week with “The Cord and the Ax”. It seems Alak will continue to struggle with trying to prove himself to his family while Irisa goes off and does some soul searching on her own. Check out the preview for “The Cord and the Ax” below and feel free to let us know what you thought about “In My Secret Life” in the comments.

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