Arcade Fire members compose soundtrack for ‘Une Danse Du Bouffons’ starring Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon

Une Dance Du BouffonsArcade Fire members Will Butler, Jeremy Gara and Tim Kingsbury have teamed up with Director and Artist Marcel Dzama (who has designed the art for Album covers for Arcade Fire and Beck) to compose the soundtrack of Dzama’s truly bizarre film Une Danse Du Bouffons or The Jester’s Dance, starring former Sonic Youth lead singer and bassist, Kim Gordon.

The film is described as “a Dadaist love story” and Gordon plays a woman who has fallen in love with imprisoned artist Marcel Duchamp. When she imprisons him, Duchamp must make his bid for escape by reciting moves to a chess game he can’t actually see.

Yeah, the trailer makes it look about as weird as you’d expect. Still, Arcade Fire soundtrack and Kim Gordon though.

Sadly, the 4 song soundtrack is going to be nearly impossible to get, as it’s only being released as a 7″ that can be picked up attached to a US Arts Magazine called The Believer, or at the New York art gallery of David Zwimer, where the film will be part of a retrospective of Dzama’s work from 9th September to 5th October.

Check out the trailer for the film below: