Teen Wolf, S4 Ep1 – The Dark Moon

Teen Wolf dished out a heavy dose of culture shock for its highly anticipated Season 4 premiere.  To be perfectly honest, my brain was muddy when it came to where last season had left us, so when I found myself in the middle of Mexico with only Lydia and Stiles for company, I was more than a bit confused.  Eventually, all of the ducks lined up in a row… an exceedingly wild, but highly entertaining row.  “The Dark Moon” was basically a big bundle of WHAT.  It’s the kind of WHAT that will keep audiences tuning in for more WHAT.  That is the best way I can describe it, and if you watched the episode, you’ll understand me completely.  Now, to the pack!

Scott McCallGREAT SCOTT!  Yeah, but seriously.  Scott McCall is so great.  He is the best dude.  If you dislike Scott, then I’m worried about your current mental state.  You should probably talk to someone.  Even in the face of electric volts coursing through his beautiful bod, our pack leader protects his friends without question.  Lydia remains a fashion-forward, unscathed banshee thanks to Alpha Scott.  The torture scene in particular was fantastic because it showed the new pack dynamic clearly.  When Kira is forced to either electrocute her maybe-not-really boyfriend or her not-so-hardy gal pal, she makes the best decision for the good of the pack.  Scott is leading them well and bringing out the best in each of his friends.

His power as an Alpha also came in handy this episode when he sensed a major creeper in the form of a bone monster.  Yes, bone monster (this season is going to be weird).  It was definitely cool to see Scott make the choice to use his abilities in a deliberate way.  ALPHA POWERS, ACTIVATE.  That leads us to the following question: What else is he capable of?  We’ll have to wait and watch, but there is one thing we’re certain he can do and it’s brought to our attention by Araya Calaveras, the leader of the hunter family in Mexico.  Scott can turn people now.  He can induct new pups into his pack!  How cool and scary is that?!  We all know it has to happen at some point.  He can’t just be an Alpha and not bite anyone with those razor-sharp canines.  His first recruit might be a newcomer to the show, or maybe it’s someone we already know.  THE ANTICIPATION IS KILLING ME.  I just hope Scott’s prepared for a Calaveras showdown when he’s finally ready to turn his first person, because they’ll be waiting on his doorstep.  It won’t be for tea and crumpets.

The PackFellow pack members as of right now:  Stiles (the human), Lydia (the banshee), Kira (the kitsune), and Malia (the were-coyote).  Quite a mix, Jeff Davis.  They’re all very unique, but they share the same goal: Derek.  Derek is in trouble and they have to rescue him.  This motivation drives the entire episode.  After the heartbreak of last season, this sense of unity is refreshing.  They’re all still in harm’s way, but no one’s going to die and they’re going to save who they need to save.  Malia and Kira hardly know Derek and they may not understand why he’s so important to the others, but they’ll do their best to get him back either way.  These guys could have cut their losses and let Derek go, but they didn’t.  Scott has to save the big, bad wolf.  Derek Hale is in excellent hands.  I know some viewers will probably be upset about not having more time to truly mourn the fallen characters from last season, but that may come later.  Starting off on an adventurous note was the smart move to make.  After all the drama they’ve been through, it’s nice to see the gang come together and succeed at something.  No casualties.  Just awesome.

The DiscoveryDerek Hale, what a man… boy… boy man… man boy… whatever he is now.  Kate Argent trapped him behind some sort of mystical seal with a reverse cocoon effect.  We don’t know if he’s truly a teenager or if it’s adult Derek’s personality in young Derek’s body.  Obviously, we’ll all miss Tyler Hoechlin.  He’s our brooding baby, but absence makes the heart grow fonder.  I am keen on seeing where Ian Nelson takes the young version of the character.  My guess is that he truly is a high school Derek throwback.  The pack is already shocked by his transformation, but I know what’ll really freak them out.  What if Derek starts… smiling?  Being happy?  Dating girls who aren’t homicidal?  The pack will collectively crap their pants.  I can’t wait!

This is an episode to kick off a story with a lot of potential and options.  There will be more monsters, more were- things, and many more WHAT moments.  Season 4 is going to be a lot like the club it started in: crazy loud with fights and touching.  They will fully address the losses they’ve suffered in good time, but at this point, we need to see them win.  They have to protect what they still have.  This is the start of a very exciting chapter of Teen Wolf.