Marvel’s Daredevil: Casting and Directing News

Marvel is amping up production for their new Netflix series Daredevil, and the latest news brings us some exciting choices both for cast and directing.

Rosario DawsonRosario Dawson has been cast in the series as a Hell’s Kitchen advocate whose life becomes intertwined with that of Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil. Jeff Loeb, head of Marvel television, was thrilled with the casting:

Rosario Dawson is one the most charismatic, talented and powerful actresses in Hollywood, so she was always at the top of our list for Marvel’s Daredevil. Her role in the series is absolutely critical to Matt Murdock’s journey to become the hero we know as Daredevil.

In addition to this casting news, it has also been recently revealed that director Farren Blackburn, known for his work on Doctor Who, Luther, and The Fades, will be directing an episode of Daredevil. According to Digital Spy, Blackburn had announced his involvement via twitter, however his tweet has since been deleted. Perhaps Marvel wasn’t ready for that to be revealed just yet, but the news is out there already, so what are they going to do (knock on wood)?

Daredevil will premiere on Netflix in 2015. What do you think about their casting so far? What are you looking forward to seeing most? Let us know in the comments!