‘Liberator’ Creator Matt Miner Aims to Start a Riot… a ‘Toe Tag Riot’

Toe Tag Riot - Logo
Toe Tag Riot #1 (Variant)

Toe Tag Riot #1 variant by Rod Reis

In 2013, through the help of Kickstarter, comic book writer Matt Miner launched Liberator, a limited series published under Black Mask Comics. Liberator, in addition to being a critically acclaimed success, dealt with the subject matter of animal rights. Now, Matt Miner wants to tackle a different subject, but this time he’s not doing it with vigilantes in ski masks. He’s doing it with zombies.

Toe Tag Riot, is his latest project, co-created by artist Sean Von Gorman (Houdini, Occupy Comics), about a band of zombie punks who battle the forces of evil. And by forces of evil I mean racist skinheads, sexists, homophobes, and eventually the Westboro Baptist Church. Miner and Gorman’s Kickstarter for this satirical horror/comedy has already gained the support of several in the industry including Justice League colorist Rod Reis and Fall Out Boy drummer Andrew Hurley, but the project has yet to meet it’s goal of $19,000. They have until Saturday, June 21 at 12:59 PM EDT to meet their goal.

I myself have already pledged what I could so I’m turning it to you. Check out their Kickstarter page and see if its a project you’d like to back. Every little bit counts, but of course the creators are offering some amazing prizes for those who pledge a little extra, from limited edition signed variant covers to Toe Tag Riot t-shirts and much more. After reading and loving Matt Miner’s Liberator series, meeting him and Sean Von Gorman this past weekend at Special Edition NYC and seeing how humble and appreciative they are in person, I can’t help but endorse Toe Tag Riot.

Head on over to ToeTagRiot.com for more information on this project. Hopefully this LGBT-freindly, zombie horror/comedy can become a reality.