New ‘Constantine’ Trailer Reveals DC Easter Eggs

Constantine Key Art
Dr. Fate - New 52 Version

Doctor Fate

A new trailer for NBC’s Constantine has made its way online. In addition to providing viewers with more footage not seen in the original trailer, this new trailer contains two DC Easter eggs worth mentioning. At 47 seconds in we get a glimpse of the helmet of Doctor Fate and the Ibistick of Ibis The Invincible.

Originally introduced in 1940, Doctor Fate is a mantle that has been taken up by several characters in the DC universe. He’s no stranger to television, having appeared in both Smallville and, more recently, the short-lived animated series Young Justice. These days Khalid Ben-Hassin can be seen wearing the helmet of Doctor Fate in DC’s New 52 title Earth 2 (right).

The Ibistick of Ibis the Invincible, a more obscure DC reference, can be seen in the same shot as Doctor Fate’s helmet. Also first appearing in 1940 published by Whiz Comics and later appearing in DC Comics in 1976, Ibis the Invincible is another legacy character similar to Doctor Fate. Rather than a helmet, Ibis draws his power from the Ibistick, an ancient Egyptian talisman.

It’s highly possible that these two Easter eggs may serve as throwaway references simply there to please fans, but I’m hoping Constantine is hinting at a deeper universe. Personally, I would love to see Doctor Fate appear sometime in NBC’s new series. Who knows? Maybe we’ll even see John Constantine don the helmet of Doctor Fate at one point.

Check out the latest trailer for Constantine below and let us know what you think in the comments.