DC Reveals Additional “Batman Day” Details

Batman by Ethan Van Sciver
Detective Comics #27 - Free Edition

Detective Comics #27

Earlier this year DC Entertainment declared July 23rd to be Batman Day in commemoration of the character’s 75th anniversary. On Batman Day, participating comic book stores will be giving out special 75th anniversary paper Batman masks, capes, and a free special edition reprint of Detective Comics #27, which was originally released this passed January 8th.

The free comic features a retelling of Batman’s first appearance from the original Detective Comics #27 published in 1939, rewritten by New York Times best-selling novelist Brad Meltzer. Graphic designer/DC Comics writer Chip Kidd is said to have designed this free issue and the cover is a clear rehash of the cover for 2013’s Batman #0 drawn by Greg Capullo. Take a look to your right.

In addition to a slew of Batman promotional items, comic book stores will also have an exclusive 75th anniversary Batman poster designed by Ryan Sook (The New 52: Futures End) which displays a chronological timeline of Batman’s history. Unfortunately, these posters are not available for the general public and will most likely only be used for display purposes in comic book stores. Have a look at the new poster below.

Batman Day Timeline Poster

Additionally, DC Comics will be launching two new Batman-related titles on Batman Day. The titles include Robin Rises: Omega, which most assume will tell the story of the rebirth of Damian Wayne/Robin who died in last year’s Batman, Incorporated #8, and Grayson, which features former robin Dick Grayson leaving his Nightwing persona behind and becoming a secret agent. You can learn more about this development in Nightwing #30, currently in stores.

Now mark your calendars, Bat-fans. July 23rd, 2014 is officially Batman Day so make sure you head on down to your local comic book store to grab all of these Bat-goodies.


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