Archie Comics Announces New Horror Series

Sabrina #1 Cover

Sabrina #1 variant cover

Following the success of their widely well-received zombie series, Afterlife With Archie, Archie Comics has decided to launch yet another adult/horror series, this time focusing on Riverdale’s own Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Unlike the incarnations of Sabrina we’ve seen in other Archie properties, this one is accustomed to hiding her magic and witchcraft away from her friends and the general public. Unfortunately, once her secret is revealed it will be met with “dire, deadly consequences” according to series writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Afterlife with Archie). The series will also take place in the 1960s, unlike other Archie properties which take place in the present day.

This new ongoing horror series, simply titled Sabrina, will be drawn by Robert Hack (Doctor Who), and Afterlife with Archie artist Francesco Francavilla has already lent his hand in creating a variant cover for the first issue (right). Artist Robert Hack describes the series as follows:

Sabrina takes characters we know and love and pushes them in a new, ghastly direction. The horror in Sabrina carries so much weight because we’ve cared for these characters for, quite literally, generations. And Roberto’s scripts alternate between tugging at heartstrings and ripping them out.

I, for one, am definitely looking forward to this series. I would never call myself a hardcore Archie Comics fan, having only read a handful of Archie books in my lifetime, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Aguirre-Sacasa’s take on Afterlife with Archie since the series began in 2013. It seems Aguirre-Sacasa will continue to deliver a worthwhile story, as he states he’s “telling a compelling, surprising, emotional story that’s perhaps scarier and more grownup than what we’ve seen before with these characters”.

Sabrina is slated to launch October 2014. Take a look at the variant covers for issue #1 below and feel free to let us know what you think about this project in the comments.

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