Supernatural S9 Ep23 – Do You Believe in Miracles

supernatural s9 ep23--Metatron speaking into microphone
supernatural s9 ep23--Gadreel squinting at Castiel

I admit I’ll miss the faces you make.

But what about the other plot threads throughout the episode, you ask? Here’s how the major story arcs of this season were resolved (or not):

Gadreel: He dies. Not a big surprise. We went back and forth on liking him and hating him this entire season, and in the end he tried to redeem himself through sacrifice to help Cas’s cause. Did he succeed? I at least felt bad for him in the end, but he still killed Kevin and I can’t forgive him (or the writers) for that.

Metatron: He took his God obsession too far by practicing miracles among humans and then stabbed Dean in the chest. He taunted Castiel about Dean’s death only to be responsible for his own undoing thanks to Castiel turning on the microphone for angel radio while Metatron was monologuing. He is now in angel jail, because male villains don’t die unless they have to in order to fulfill a story line. Metatron was a different kind of villain from what we’ve seen so far. He didn’t exist to cause chaos, he only wanted to rule the universe as a benevolent God so that people would actually pay attention to him and he could finally join the popular kids’ table. Is his story over with or will he see him again? Knowing the writers, it could go either way.

supernatural s9 ep23--Castiel's sad-face reaction to Dean's death

This is Castiel’s reaction to Dean’s death. Totally not in love, right?

Castiel and the angels: Metatron’s defeat has left Heaven in disarray but Castiel may very well be the one to step in and help. Again. Some of his former followers had already gone back to him by the end, so he might be able to help them get their act together and atone for that one time when he killed, like, half of Heaven. Unfortunately, he’s still burning through his angel grace. It wasn’t mentioned whether or not his original grace still exists intact somewhere, and Hannah said that Cas would die without replenishing his power. Die? But wouldn’t he just become human again? That story arc wasn’t resolved, left for season ten I’m assuming, but the most painful cliffhanger for his character was that he finished out the season thinking that Dean was dead. Metatron had told him about stabbing Dean with his angel blade, and Metatron went on and on about how Castiel had done all this not for humanity or Heaven but for Dean, like Dean is his one true love or something (I’m going to just assume that the writers are playing with us, but this totally sounds like Castiel’s love for Dean is very much canon, even if it’s not reciprocated). What will Cas do without his best friend? He has to pull together Heaven, reunite the angels, but Dean has been his touchstone for years now, how will he go on? Cas may do something dangerous and/or stupid now that he thinks he’s lost the one person he had put his faith in.

supernatural s9 ep23--Sam crying as he watches Dean die


Sam and his relationship with Dean: This also didn’t get much resolution. Sam and Dean have been on the outs for most of the second half of the season, but the show feels like it kind of forgot about that as things got closer to the finale. There was some acknowledgement of their most recent falling out, but not much more. And when Dean was dying, Sam explained that he had lied when he’d said he would let Dean die. That was that. Everything between them was magically better now that Dean was lying there cold and dead. It’s not the first time Sam has seen his brother like that, but the parallels made obvious in this episode weren’t to the season three finale when Dean was dragged to Hell but to the season two finale when Sam died. Dean had laid Sam on a bed and then went off to summon a demon, just like Sam did here. Sam is willing to do anything for his brother, which we already knew, but he had to have his little tantrum earlier this season where he lied like a lying liar about his love for Dean. These boys are childish idiots and I hate them and I will totally be watching next season to find out what they lie to each other about next because I can’t live without their stupid faces and their co-dependent relationship.

So, what did you think about the finale? Will you be tuning in next season? Sound off in the comments!

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