Supernatural S9 Ep23 – Do You Believe in Miracles

supernatural s9 ep23--Metatron speaking into microphone

So here we are, another season finale come and gone. Now fandom must survive the months-long hell-atus to find out what happens next, assuming of course that they survived the finale in the first place. This season ended in a way that was quite shocking for the writers, but was still totally called by the fans.

A very popular fandom meme has just become canon. No, sadly, I’m not talking about Destiel or Rapunzel Dean. I’m talking about Demon Dean. Yes, they went there. And perhaps fandom inspired it, considering the hundreds of posts dedicated to blacking out Dean’s eyes, or making gifs from that one dream sequence in season three over and over again. Fandom thinks evil Dean is sexy—to be fair, we’re not wrong—which is why we embraced Purgatory Dean with his “pure” aggression and single-minded search for Castiel (fandom also loves the idea of a bisexual Dean, but that’s one story possibility the writers will never lift from fanfic). Dean with the Mark of Cain felt like a callback to Purgatory Dean, and we all could see that the First Blade was turning Dean into something dark. Sure enough it was, turning him into a demon, just as it had done to Cain.

supernatural s9 ep23--Dean with demon eyes

We won’t need Photoshop anymore

Turning into a demon is probably one of Dean’s greatest fears. As he kept using the Blade he could feel himself changing and admitted that he didn’t like what he was becoming, because while Dean can be cold and brutal, outright evil he is not. Back in season three, when he was waiting to be dragged to Hell, that dream sequence I just mentioned revealed what he feared most about going to Hell: becoming a demon. He had gladly sold his soul for Sam’s life, but the thought of turning into something twisted and corrupt, the very thing that had killed his mother and father, was what truly scared him. It was everything he stood against, everything he had been trained to fight and kill, what he had sacrificed everything to destroy. Thanks to Castiel bringing him back to life, he had avoided that fate, until now.

Going into season ten, this could be a good plot line, but only if the writers know how to handle it. Quite often the events of a season finale get wrapped up quickly and easily, possibly by magical transportation to a plane or Castiel exploding with Leviathan, thus ending his reign as God. And looking at the so-so quality of season nine, I’m not especially confident that the writers will know how to handle this well (it will no doubt involve Dean lying to Sam). Since there does now exist a cure for being a demon, it’s possible that Dean will be able to get out of being damned for all eternity. In fact, it’s highly likely. But until the easy fix happens, what will Demon Dean be like? What will he do when he realizes that Crowley has basically been grooming him for this moment? (I know Crowley told Dean that he had never lied, just omitted a few things, but Crowley has been cozying up to Dean and becoming bffs with him throughout this whole season, and you know it wasn’t out of the kindness of his blackened heart.) So-so season or not, this ending is going to bring fans back for more, whether they love Demon Dean or not, because either way we’re all dying to see how this plays out.

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