Supernatural S9 Ep22 – Stairway to Heaven

supernatural s9 ep22--Dean, Castiel, and Sam with Cas's angel followers

There are times when I watch this show and think that if the writers were to actually make Destiel canon, no one would really notice the difference, because how could this show get any gayer than it already is? But there’s always that stopping point, where they take us so close to what we want only to pull back with a big No Homo like the queerbaiting douche-canoes that they are. Such was this episode.

supernatural s9 ep22--Metatron admiring himself in the mirrorWith Abaddon out of the way, the angels have taken center stage. Metatron has a plan, which seems to involve fanboying Castiel until Metatron becomes as cool as him (we saw you trying on that trench coat, dude). Of course, that will never happen, so Metatron has a backup plan. He somehow brainwashed angels into becoming suicide bombers who thought they were fighting in Cas’s name and this involved Tessa the reaper for some reason. I honestly don’t know why Tessa was there. The reveal that she could hear the screams of those trapped in the Veil was chilling, but I don’t see why they would bring a reaper into an angel battle, other than the writers wanting to kill yet another recurring (female) character. The reapers are some of the most inconsistent creatures in the Supernatural universe. They were originally introduced as these creepy, mysterious forces of nature. They were neutral, serving not Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory, but only Death. Tessa put a human face on them (literally), but that face was just one she was supposed to be borrowing, it wasn’t supposed to be her real form. Now we have rogue reapers who can get you into Purgatory, completely negating the plotline of season six, and they seem to die just like angels do for no particular reason. Dean even says that he likes Tessa, “for an angel.” Supernatural writers, you need to rewatch the previous seasons immediately.

Tessa’s role in this felt pointless, and that made her death even worse. I liked Tessa. She wasn’t a character we’ve seen a lot of, but she was unique. But then they made her final acts inspired by brainwashing from Metatron and she killed herself on the First Blade. For what? Furthering Dean’s storyline. Dean is well and truly addicted to the Blade’s power at this point, and he keeps wanting to use it all the time. He argued with Sam over using the Blade the entire time and at the end of the episode he went too far. He called himself a dictator like it was a good thing, but the worst part was what happened next.

supernatural s9 ep22--Dean and Sam pulling out their fake FBI badges

Agents Spears and Aguilera

Gadreel finally turned to the good side, offering his help to Sam, Dean, and Cas because he had seen Metatron sacrifice angels left and right to make himself look better. Metatron had proven to be pathetic and obsessed with his own story telling, and Gadreel had had enough. But Dean slashed his chest open with the Blade, which is not a very nice welcome to their side. Of course, Gadreel wasn’t quite dead by the end of the episode—he gets to live and possibly help save the day, Tessa just gets to die. Dean is going to cost them the win in this battle if he doesn’t get these urges under control, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the big cliffhanger of the season will be him going overboard into full-blown evil because of the Blade.

But Dean going kill-happy wasn’t the only major thing that happened. Castiel lost his followers, which would have had more of an impact if he hadn’t only gained them in the past couple of episodes. Metatron spilled the beans about Cas’s stolen grace and the angels gave Cas an ultimatum to prove that he was truly on their side: punish Dean for killing Tessa. But Cas couldn’t kill Dean. He gave up his army for one man. Metatron said that it was because “he’s in love…with humanity.” Is that what they’re calling it these days? Forcing Cas to chose between his cause and Dean, plus the intense looks the two of them shared while Cas was deciding, was obvious fangirl bait. Metatron’s line was another dig, the pause making it sound like they were about to come out and say what half the fandom has suspected for some time, that Cas loves Dean. But once again they only gave us enough to get excited and then tore it down with so called “reality.” I ship Destiel, and I’m fine with it staying in fanon, never to become canon, but I’m sick and tired of the writers queerbaiting us. Either make them do it or stop teasing.

In other news, Cas and Sam went off on a bogus journey filled with bad jokes and pop culture references, only to lead to nowhere. It was kind of pointless and that’s why all it gets is this tacked on part at the end of my review. It, however, did lead to some amusing moments and showed that even with the knowledge of almost every piece of media ever made, Cas is still awkward and weird about movie references.

Next week, Dean is going off the deep end with this Blade addiction. Maybe Cas can save him (*wishful thinking*)…