Da Vinci’s Demons S02 Ep08 – The Fall From Heaven

Zo, Nico and Da Vinci see that Amerigo comes back for them

WOW. This is all I could say after watching this week’s episode. A lot of twists and turns in “The Fall From Heaven” and some of them are really shocking.

The brazen head found in the Vault of HeavenI was right about the scene season 2 started with: it’s actually the beginning of this week’s episode. However, this time Riario tells Da Vinci about his past and we find out the end of his story just as the episode is about to finish. He has a terrible life story, to say the least. He was just a puppet controlled by the Pope so he ended up doing awful things. I really feel sorry for him, and I wonder what he will do once they get back to Florence.

I didn’t believe Ima was going to kill them. I think that I trusted her until the very end, but the truth is she’s a ruthless Inca priestess. Nothing we can do about that. Obviously, Da Vinci and Riario manage to escape, but this time thanks to Zo and Nico and not Leo’s genius. I felt so proud of my dear Zo. It seems that the time spent around Da Vinci wasn’t pointless after all. On the other hand, Nico has changed. He’s a far cry from the boy we met last season. Leo can’t leave without the Book of Leaves so instead of running for his life, he returns to open to Vault of Heaven. The key to open it lies within the Mona Lisa painting (oh yeah, I spotted that number “two”!). Much to his and Riario’s surprise, the Book of Leaves is missing. Instead, a brazen head that sounds like Leo’s mother is the relic kept in the Vault of Heaven. Broken by an arrow, the head fails to deliver its full message so Da Vinci must fix it if he wants to find the Book of Leaves. A pretty predictable thing happens: Leonardo must choose between his mother and the Book of Leaves. If I know him as well as I think, he will definitely go after both of them. Their paragliding escape is brilliant. Leo is a lovely genius, really. Too bad Riario injures himself. By the way, Zo, give him a break already!Da Vinci's paragliding

While Lucrezia is in trouble in Bayezid’s camp, the heir to the Ottoman throne is totally unaware of what’s coming to him. It was foolish of him to come to Rome and ask for peace. For God’s sake, he’s Christendom’s archenemy. How could he expect the Pope to be lenient? However, the Pope’s treatment of Bayezid is absolutely shocking, to say the least. Humiliate him, kill his escort, strip him of his clothes, and then leave him in the gutter? Come on…that’s a bit too much. He’s a prince after all. Bayezid will definitely return to Constantinople and I fear for Lucrezia’s life. Still, this is part of the prisoner’s plan so Lucrezia might not be in danger.

In Naples, Lorenzo has made some good progress with King Ferrante and…Ippolita (hehe). However, the Pope seems to have arrived just in time to ruin his plans. I can’t wait to see them facing each other.

So, what do you think of “The Fall From Heaven”? Remember: only two episodes to go! Tell us how you feel about the show in the comments.