Castle S6 Ep23 – For Better Or For Worse

So. In some ways, this season finale was all of my worst fears realized. I’m disappointed in this show right now.

Great line from the ep: Rogan tells his girlfriend that his 'comatose wife' has died, and Beckett says, "She's in a better place." HA!

Great line: Rogan tells his girlfriend that his ‘comatose wife’ has died, and Beckett says, “She’s in a better place.” HA!

To start out with, Castle & Beckett find out when they go to get their marriage license that Beckett’s already married – surprise! It’s just like that infuriating episode of Bones back when Hodgins and Angela were about to (FINALLY) get married, when they found out Angela was already married to some random guy she met while drunk on a tropical island. Did I mention I hated that episode?

My annoyance was only lessened slightly by the fact that Eddie McClintock played Beckett’s husband, Rogan O’Leary, whom she apparently married fifteen years ago at a drive-thru chapel in Las Vegas. I like Eddie McClintock, but I was prepared to start hating him on principal if his character was the reason Beckett & Castle (SPOILER) didn’t actually get married this ep. Also, suuuuure, Beckett didn’t know she was legally married even though she was working for the Attorney General and they must have done a fairly thorough background check. And suuuuure, a drunken drive-thru wedding is totally legally binding.

But ANYway, Beckett tracks down her charming, criminal husband so he can sign the dissolution of marriage papers. But of course he refuses to sign them until both Beckett and Castle have gotten caught up in the mess that is his life of blackmail and angry ex-girlfriends. Things get pretty over-the top. How much? Here’s an example: the gang of bikers that at the beginning of the episode threatened to break Castle & Beckett’s legs if they don’t make sure Rogan gives them the money they’re owed for the job they did for him (stealing a stripper’s phone), end up leaving satisfied because our duo leads a wanted mob hit man to Rogan’s apartment so that the bikers can claim the reward money for catching the hit man.

Meanwhile, this whole time, disaster after disaster is occurring re: the wedding plans. First, the couple lose their rooftop venue – but Martha and Alexis manage to work it out so that the wedding can be at the Castle residence in the Hamptons instead. Then a pipe bursts in the apartment above Beckett’s, leading to the ruin of her lovely wedding dress.

Don't cry, Beckett - the show is named after him, so we know he's not dead.

Don’t cry, Beckett – the show is named after him, so we know he’s not dead.

But finally, once Rogan gets the blackmail money he was hoping for from a pastor, Rogan gives the money to his current girlfriend and signs Beckett’s papers. And Beckett gets to wear her mother’s wedding gown that her dad saved, which is in fact gorgeous (and fits her perfectly, of course). The wedding can go forward! Except a sinister black SUV runs a tux-wearing Castle off the road 20 minutes before he was supposed to arrive at the venue. Yeeeeah, they’re introducing a new mythology, aren’t they? Sigh. Thanks for ruining the wedding you spent the whole season building up to, show. Just as I feared. Although at least it wasn’t wacky hijinks or cold feet that ruined the day, and I have no complaints about the acting from any of the cast.

So, are you looking forward to Castle‘s announced return next season, or are you still too angry to say either way? Let us know in the comments.


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