Glee S5 Ep19 – “Old Dog, New Tricks”

Kurt walks behind the curtain and calls Rachel’s cell. He knows she’s busy with her benefit, but things have been weird for them this week and he doesn’t want her to think he isn’t proud or supportive. He tells her his life would be dull without friends like her to inspire him. Rachel thanks him but she has to go – her best friend’s show is about to start.

He looks out and sees Rachel in the audience, with Blaine and Artie and Sam. Awwwww!

It’s Peter Pan time!

We open with “Lucky Star” from Madonna, as Kurt has gotten his way to update the production. To the 80’s. The cast, in snappy black sunglasses (tres Risky Business) accompany a harnessed and twirling Kurt onstage. Oh look! Clara’s here with flowers. That’s a surprise.

Afterwards, Clara and Maggie talk. Clara’s anger has disappeared and she’s tearfully glad she didn’t miss her mother’s performance. Maggie considers it her favorite ever because Clara was there. Also? She probably should start apologizing and asking about her daughter’s life. Kurt walks by, clearly satisfied with his work.

Kurt wishes more people could see Maggie and the gang perform. Rachel et al has a surprise – Artie’s film school bus has arrived and will transport the folks to the diner for an evening showing of Peter Pan at Rachel’s Broadway Bitches event! Awwww again.

Maggie – who now believes in second acts and second chances – thanks to Kurt, is ready to go!

Side bar: By the way, that was the message of the episode. In case you missed it.

At the diner, the gang – along with the seniors – perform “Take Me Home Tonight” by Eddie Money and Ronnie Spector as they parade homeless pooches around for the patrons. Folks are charmed and begin to take the dogs, ostensibly to adopt them. I am going to ignore the sanitary issues around having dogs at a diner and not vetting perspective pet parents and just enjoy a really great song.

Even McConaughey gets adopted by a nice older couple. Awww.

The press lady waves her microphone in front of Rachel. It was a great event! A total success! Rachel has redeemed herself! She’s also learned a valuable lesson, because she quickly shares credit with Santana and Kurt, who focus it back on her. Group hug!

And we’re out!

Where to begin? There were some clever lines and moments in this episode, very reflective of Chris Colfer’s humor. The plot, however, felt heavy-handed and a tad confusing, not fitting smoothly into the current arcs. It might have been because of the shortened production schedule – normally this would have given them three more episodes before the finale. Kurt’s feelings were clearly bruised but his reactions seemed over the top, especially since he went through a similar feeling in “A Katy and A Gaga” and handled that very, very differently. Also telling Maggie he didn’t have anyone to talk to…after talking to his über supportive future spouse cheapened what could have been a lovely scene (focusing his offer on Maggie’s loneliness instead of his own).

June Squibb was lovely (and has some decent pipes!) and it’s always good to see Tim Conway and Billy Dee Williams doing anything. Melinda McGraw might have given the performance of the episode in her brief scenes.

Rumor has it Chris might write another episode – we’ll see what he comes up the next time around.

Rachel redeems herself and learns a valuable lesson. Again.

Rachel redeems herself and learns a valuable lesson. Again.


Tere’s Episode Round-up:

What made me laugh: Mercedes’ post-dog disaster freak-out. Same, Mercedes, same.

What made me sniffle: When that rescue guy talked about putting down un-adoptable dogs!

What made me side-eye: Why was season 1 Kurt in New York wearing Season 5’s pants? Disconcerting, to say the least. And of course the scene in Clara’s office. Still not over that one.

What I’m listening to on repeat: “Werewolves of London” will not get out of my head!

What I’m looking forward to next week: Dun dun dun! Our season 5 finale!


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