Salem S01 Ep03 – In Vain

Magistrate Hale kneels before Mary Sibley

Anne's hallucinationsSalem’s pilot was a total shocker, as if the writers wanted to tell us: “This is what you’re dealing with!” However, the following two episodes focus more on the characters and I love it. Anyway, don’t worry; the show doesn’t lack scary moments. Something new this week: no one dies! Yeah, much to my content, Isaac and Anne are still alive. Last week I got carried away and said that Anne could be the next sacrificed innocent. Come to think of it, it was pretty dumb of me to assume such a thing. Like seriously now. Anne is one of the main characters and so is Isaac.

Anne is attacked by Mary so that Magistrate Hale will fully obey her (but let’s face it: that’s not the only reason). I felt so sorry for poor Anne. She is one of my favourite characters and she is innocent. She is not guilty of any of her father’s doings. Mary has had enough of Hale questioning her decisions, not allowing her to rule as she pleases. She basically blackmails him. Call Hale whatever you want, but he is a good father. He humiliates himself in front of a woman for his daughter to be safe. Once again, Mary hurts innocents. Sorry, Mary, but: thumbs down! As previously mentioned, this isn’t Mary’s only reason. She has seen Anne and John together and it is quite clear that Anne is attracted to John. I smell jealousy…By the way, Anne dreaming of her and John in bed…I was like: “Make it real!!!” Not to mention him saving her from the thieves and then taking her home. Captain Alden is a true gentleman.

Isaac is being questionedAbout Mary: in this episode we can see what is left of her soft side. Her conversation with Isaac is one of my favourite scenes; very touching lines. Unfortunately, both of them have been through a lot. Mary got to see her lost love again, but what about Isaac? Will he be reunited with his beloved Abby? I can but hope. Mary really surprised me when she did everything she could in order to save Isaac. He is just a poor soul who deserves nothing but kindness. Mary begins to doubt her triumph over Salem, thinking that her sacrifices might have been in vain. I’m very curious about what’s in store for her after all she has done.

Reverend Mather’s team seems to grow stronger after this episode. They do care for each other. Captain Alden restlessly struggles to save Isaac while Cotton sets Isaac free in order to help John beat up the guards. Still, Cotton doesn’t seem to use his brain. John sees the truth, that Isaac was set up, but Mather would easily call him a witch. Speaking about Reverend Mather, he too begins to questions his actions, his reasons.

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