Castle S6 Ep22 – Veritas

The myth arc was back this week, with a vengeance – and an ending that I did not entirely see coming.

Nathan Fillion looked and acted quite Mal-ish at several moments in this ep. I am not complaining at all.

Nathan Fillion looked and acted quite Mal-ish at several moments in this ep. I am not complaining at all.

While Castle is away on a book signing tour, Beckett has been following a man named Jason Mark, who is associated with Senator Bracken’s presidential campaign. Vulcan Simmons ends up killing Mark. Then Beckett falls under Internal Affairs suspicion when Vulcan Simmons turns up dead the next day – murdered after having been tortured for information. This was where I started getting anxious. I really don’t like it when one of the main characters on one of my favorite shows is framed for murder. But since Ryan, Espo, Lanie, and even Captain Gates (and of course Castle as well) didn’t believe she was guilty, things weren’t as anxiety-inducing as they could have been.

When Beckett goes rogue to escape the Internal Affairs guys, this time, thankfully, she doesn’t try to keep Castle out of the loop. In fact, now that the supposed leverage Beckett had on Bracken is gone through some sequence of events involving the mysterious Smith not actually being dead, Castle convinces Beckett to go on the run with her, at least for a while. I noted that neither of them mentioned Alexis or Martha – much less Beckett’s dad – during this planning stage. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that the issue would have come up very soon. But it doesn’t end up mattering, because when Castle steps out of their cheap motel room to procure them a car, Bracken himself shows up with some thugs. I’m not actually sure that Bracken needed to show up, since he had to know he wasn’t going to convince her to let the whole thing go. Whatever. When he leaves, the thugs try to force Beckett to look like she committed suicide. But Beckett is much too awesome for that. She takes all of the bad guys out – but not before almost being knocked unconscious via a bottle of booze to the head. I think this might be one of the first times that I’ve seen a protagonist in a drama be seriously affected by a glass bottle to the head. Usually the hero/heroine just shakes it off and keep going. So, nice touch of realism there.

Castle shows up in time to rescue a staggering, bleeding Beckett. He wants to try to cross the border into Canada. But Beckett remembers a clue, thanks to Captain Montgomery showing up in her subconscious dream/memory. (Aww, Captain Montgomery!) They rush back to Beckett’s apartment and try to find a tape incriminating Bracken, which Montgomery must have given her. That’s when Internal Affairs busts in and arrests Beckett, Castle, Ryan, and Esposito. The image of all four of them being marched into the precinct is … memorable.

Bracken goes down

This was a good moment. We’ll see how it plays out.

My main quibble with this ep is what comes next. Beckett realizes that her mother must have hidden the tape in the elephants that she has on her desk, which used to be on her mother’s desk. It does seem juuuust a little convenient that the key evidence would have been there all along. But at least they didn’t just introduce the elephants last week, I suppose. So Beckett gets to have her moment of triumph and closure, arresting Bracken in front of a room full of news cameras. She’s free. The truth has conquered all. Is the show’s myth arc done now?

Next week: The Wedding. Are you ready?


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