Elementary S2 Ep22 – Paint It Black

Sherlock turns violent when Mycroft tells him Joan has been kidnapped.



Sherlock tries to stay calm after being informed Joan has been kidnapped.

Dat wibbly chin!

Last week’s episode ended with Watson being kidnapped by a menacing French criminal, who may or may not be involved with the ever-so-shady Mycroft Holmes. The Frenchman calls Mycroft, who then goes to a worried Sherlock to break the news that Joan is in danger. To say that he is upset would be a bit of an understatement. Sherlock:  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ 

Mycroft reveals he already knew DeSoto – the man Sherlock suspected of being a high-ranking lieutenant in the French crime ring, Le Milleur – was doing business in his restaurant. When he began struggling to keep Diogenes afloat, Mycroft allowed DeSoto to set up shop in exchange for the occasional ‘favor’, to avoid going to their father for help.

A deal has been struck for Joan’s safe return. Sherlock and Mycroft must find Pierce Norman, an employee of a private Swiss bank who recently created a list of the bank’s wealthiest employees and took screenshots of their likely-less-than-legal bank transactions and then went into hiding. Norman is planning to sell the list to whatever crime organization or governmental agency will pay the most money for it. Le Milleur want the list in order to avoid having their own bank accounts exposed. The Holmes brothers have 48 hours to find Norman and give him and his list to Le Milleur, or Joan will die.

Joan wakes up tied to a chair in an unknown, but dirty and cold, location. A commotion outside catches her attention, and when she asks what’s going on, the Frenchman tells her one of their runners has been shot. Joan offers her services as a former trauma surgeon, and the Frenchman unties her. She finds the gunshot victim in bad shape, and operates on him with the tools at hand; in this case, a box cutter for a scalpel and vodka as antiseptic. After a long and unorthodox surgery, Joan manages to stabilize the gunshot victim, but he is still in dire need of a hospital. The Frenchman tells her the truth about Mycroft, but his story conflicts with the one Mycroft told Sherlock.

Meanwhile, the Holmes brothers head first to Norman’s New York office and find almost nothing of interest, except one thing: a handheld video game console with nothing on it but one game. Sherlock hurls the console at the window in frustration. As they leave the bank, Mycroft asks what it is that Sherlock knows, having recognized Sherlock’s earlier ‘tantrum’ as a classic misdirection. Before Sherlock is able to tell Mycroft what he noticed, the brothers are picked up by the NSA.

The head of the circus, Agent McNally, who we met previously in “The Hound of the Cancer Cells”, expresses the U.S. government’s interest in Norman’s list, and demands to know who Sherlock is working for (and who also wants their hands on the list). Sherlock spins a tale to Agent McNally, who cuts them loose after insinuating he knows about what’s really going on inside Diogenes’ walls.

Mycroft and Sherlock race against time to save Joan.Back at the brownstone, Sherlock logs into the game that Norman had hidden in his office, having deduced that Norman was using the game’s chat function to communicate with a person with the username ‘Legolas5’. Sherlock sends a message to the mysterious ‘Legolas’, while Mycroft takes a call in another room, supposedly from his restaurant. This is a giant lie, and Mycroft continues to get shadier and shadier, being harangued at by an unknown British-accented voice for ‘making a hash out of this’.

Mycroft and Sherlock meet with ‘Legolas’ the next morning. He turns out to be Norman’s lover, and reveals to the brothers that Norman has a summer house in upstate New York he may be hiding in. They head up there, only to find the house empty, and Norman’s body buried in the front yard. However, an investigation of the body gives Sherlock hope. Norman was 1) killed by a person with expert military training, and 2) killed at least 8 days ago, when the list of bank clients was compiled only 6 days ago. The person who has the list is still alive, and thus still able to be traded for Joan.

The Holmes brothers waste no time in capturing the real culprit: the bank’s head of security, Kurt Yoda. The threat of torture (at Sherlock’s hand – very disturbing) forces him to tell them where the list is. Time is running out for Joan, but when Sherlock moves to call the NSA for backup during the trade, Mycroft stun-guns him, phones the mysterious British man, and leaves with the list and Yoda.

Joan’s captors untie her again, to tend to the gunshot victim, who is bleeding internally. She insists they take him to a real hospital, for treatment, or he’ll die, and the Frenchman responds by shooting the victim himself. He then calmly takes a call, and informs Joan that the exchange for her life is on.

Joan watches as Mycroft makes the trade for her life.Sherlock, desperate, begs Agent McNally to help him find Mycroft. He’s not sure that Mycroft even cares for Joan, and thinks he may have simply absconded with the list to sell for his own profit. McNally is little help, and Sherlock then runs to the NYPD.

At the exchange, Mycroft appears alone, and hands Kurt Yoda and the list over to DeSoto. Of course, he’s betrayed by DeSoto, who gives the order to kill both Mycroft and Joan. DeSoto drives away, and just as his goons are about to shoot Joan and Mycroft, Mycroft utters a few last words – “Paint it black” – and then a hail of bullets rain down. However, Joan and Mycroft are still standing. A whole team of British secret agents swoops down and secures the scene, while Mycroft apologizes to Joan for what she’s seen.

“Obviously there’s a great deal I need to tell you,” he says.


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