Glee S5 Ep18 – “The Back-up Plan”

June doesn't believe in love but she believes in Blaine.

June doesn’t believe in love, but she believes in Blaine.

Blaine is having lunch with June, using those nice Dalton manners as she tells him stories of her life. He’s clearly smitten with her tales, her energy – how did she manage to find herself in the center of so much that’s amazing. She tells him you take in what you put out – you put out charisma to everyone you meet and people will respond.

Side bar: I’m pretty sure Blaine knows this. Or else he’s been accidentally charming for four seasons…

June is deeply “in like” with Blaine – she wants to throw a showcase, to introduce his talent to the right people. Blaine is flattered! Excited! Oh right – and he would really like it if his inteded was able to perform as well.

Blaine: “I really want the world to see his talent too.”

Slight problem – June isn’t interested in that. She’s also not a fan of Blaine’s engagement. Or love it seems, because she’s done it more times than Blaine has had breakfast. Is he going to settle or venture into the world like a samurai and conquer the world? Blaine doesn’t answer.

Rachel’s karma is not good at the moment – there’s a traffic jam and no possible way for her to make a plane back to NY in time for the show. Frantic, Rachel calls Kurt and begs for his help; she’s not going to make it back until after the curtain goes up!

Side bar: What is Kurt going to do? Don a wig and pretend to be Rachel?

At the diner of Remember When Everyone Worked Here?, Mercedes arrives with a contract in hand for Santana. She wants her album to be the best and Santana makes her better. Therefore, they should sing that duet. Santana doesn’t think she’s worth it, but Mercedes is okay with her being a “work in progress.”

Santana: “This is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.”

Kurt rushes in, panicking. They have to stall the show until Rachel can arrive. His list of possibilities include a bed bug scare, a bomb threat (you’re too pretty for prison, Kurt), or announcing Barbra is having a free concert in the park. Santana cuts him off – his ideas are terrible! And no one is getting fired – she has a plan.

Sidney arrives at the theatre where a skittish stage manager waits. What is going on?

At the make-up table sits Santana Lopez, all decked out in costume. No refunds necessary – she’s going on for Rachel…

…who, the next day, is serving Santana a thank you meal at the Loft of Superb Lighting. She is very grateful for Santana’s assistance – now she just has to get through a “mandatory” meeting with Sidney. But for now – what does Santana want in return for saving the show?

Santana: “Is that the kind of friend you think I am?”

Everyone: “Well, yes.”

It’s understandable but Santana would rather they just use this moment as an example of what type of friend she’s trying to be. She’s realized the world is a cold place – colder than even she is – and all you can do is huddle with your friends for warmth. So she’ll be using her bitch powers to help her friends, which includes Rachel. And whatever happens tomorrow with Sidney, Santana is sure that Rachel will find a way to shine.

Then they eat spaghetti.

It’s date night at the Brownstone of Dapper Boys in Love. Kurt’s just glad to have some private time with his man – June has been monopolizing him. But that’s okay, right? Because who knows what doors she might open for them? Also, where is all the gossip from June’s rich and famous friends?

Blaine: “It’s not like that. It’s just me and June.”

Kurt: “She’s not being inappropriate is she? Because I draw a line.”

Blaine: “Ew no. Gross.”

Side bar: Blaine is still gay. Kurt should know this.

Blaine finally admits that June is planning a one night showcase. Kurt is thrilled for Blaine – why didn’t he tell him? Blaine, thinking fast (and badly), says he just wanted to make sure Kurt’s part was fleshed out. Now Kurt is beyond thrilled and rewards his beloved with a huge hug and a kiss and I love yous and man, Blaine’s quietly developing an ulcer, isn’t he?

Side bar: Blaine, Blaine, Blaine. Heart’s in the right place but the truth might have spared your stomach lining.

At Sidney’s office, Rachel has her sit down with the angry producer. He’s feeling personally betrayed by her lie, and should she do anything like this again, he will not only fire her, he will sue her and make sure she never works in this town again. The only reason she still has a job is that she’s a star and they need her. He kicks her out of his office.

In the hall, Rachel cries. Her phone rings and it’s Mr. Paulblatt from FOX, telling her she didn’t get the part. More tears. But wait – there’s good news! He would like to develop a project for Rachel – in fact, he’s assigning a writer to her, sending that writer to New York and work to create a show with Rachel as the star.

And just like that, Rachel’s day is turned around!

This was a fun episode, setting up the final two of the season. Will Rachel stay on Broadway? Will she run away to Los Angeles and let FOX make her a star? Will all this meta eventually collide and she’ll star on a show called Glee? Too soon to tell, but I’m not writing that possibility off just yet.

Blaine’s lie will most definitely come back to haunt him, Rachel is playing with Sidney’s anger – what’s he going to do when he finds out about her development deal? And will Mercedes have made a mistake by bringing Santana on board? Things are moving for the New York kids and big decisions are coming down the pipe.

He knows what fork to use, in any social situation. Blaine is ready for fame.

He knows what fork to use, in any social situation. Blaine is ready for fame.


Tere’s Episode Round-up:

What made me laugh: Kurt’s epic freak-out after Rachel’s call was hilarious.

What made me sniffle: Lea Michele cries and I need a tissue.

What made me side-eye: Who is this Santana? Did we miss something between her happily going off with Britt and then limping around New York with sad eyes?

What I’m listening to on repeat: Another strong outing for songs – they’re all on repeat. “Story of My Life” is going to the top five of Klaine duets.

What I’m looking forward to next week: Peter Pan and puppies!


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