Castle S6 Ep21 – Law & Boarder

This week’s ep centers around the story of Logan Moore, a competitive skateboarder found murdered the night before his big event at a street sport expo. His murder, however, is all about the cover-up of a cold case from six years earlier, when a spoiled rich kid couldn’t handle losing a skating contest to Logan’s young friend Jay. Logan was overwhelmed with guilt about hiding the truth. He stole evidence proving that the rich kid, DK, killed Jay, so DK in turn murdered Logan.

Alexis gives Beckett a fist pound, impressed by her Scrabble win.

Alexis fist bumps Beckett, impressed by her Scrabble win.

This ep also centers around the theme of being a sore loser. Awesomely, Beckett is the only person who has ever beaten Castle at Scrabble – a fact that Castle has a bit of trouble dealing with. He challenges Beckett to a rematch the following night, only to have her blow him out of the water again. This time her winning word, appropriately enough, is “quixotic“. Hee. But when Castle tries to go for one more shot at redemption, Beckett convinces him to play poker, instead. Strip poker, that is. Oddly enough, Castle thinks this is an excellent idea. Hee, again.

Another pair of sore losers this week are Ryan & Esposito. After they overhear Lanie & Beckett and learn that Lanie is Beckett’s maid of honor, the two naturally assume that one of them is going to be Castle’s best man. Each of their attempts to get Castle to choose them over the other are delightfully, ridiculously hilarious. Of course it didn’t take me long to guess that Castle had already made his decision – and that it wasn’t either of them. Both boys’ reaction to the revelation that it’s Alexis that will be “best man” for her dad? Fantastic.

Nice surprise this week: Claudia Christian guest-stars as Logan’s mom, who went to prison when Logan was young after getting involved with an Albanian drug dealer. When I saw her name in the credits we had already learned that Logan’s mom was in prison, and I guessed it might be her. She was excellent, of course. Wish it had made any sense for her role to have meant more than one scene, but I guess she still beats Patricia Tallman in total Castle screen time.

Don't worry, guys. You'll always be *our* best men.

Don’t worry, guys. You’ll always be *our* best men.

A favorite exchange from this week: when Castle & Beckett are arriving at the street sports expo and Castle wants to know if Beckett has ever done any extreme sports. She replies that catching killers seems pretty extreme – as does marrying Castle. Castle agrees, “I am pretty extreme. Extremely handsome.” Beckett: “Yep, with a high degree of difficulty.” And Castle grins. I just love these guys. The case was not that special, but the other plotlines this ep made it worthwhile.

So there are only two more episodes left this season – and the season finale is supposedly the wedding at last. Just what kind of hijinks will ensue on the big day? We only have to wait a little while longer to find out!