So Much Avengers 2 News: Pics, Casting, and New UK Release Date


A lot of news has happened over the past couple of days for The Avengers: Age of Ultron, varying from new set photos (somewhat illicitly released by Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey, Jr.), the return of a particular voice to the cast, and a change in the UK release date.

First, how about those set photos. Unofficial pics from bystanders have been making their way online ever since filming started weeks ago, but these photos are the first from the cast themselves. Robert Downey, Jr. and Mark Ruffalo tweeted a few behind-the-scenes pics, though not exactly with Marvel’s permission. Still, I think they’ll live. The pics don’t offer much in terms of spoilers or anything movie-wise, but it does give us a nice glimpse into how much fun these guys seem to have on set. Take a look at the tweets and pics below:

RDJ with exec producer Jeremy Latcham

Robert Downey Jr and Mark Ruffalo as science bros

Scarlett Johansson wearing jacket on set of Avengers 2

Casts' chairs on set of Avengers 2

Next, not only have we recently learned that RDJ has the shortest chair, but it’s also been revealed that Lou Ferrigno will be returning to voice the biggest character. Previously, besides his iconic role as the big green anger machine during the 70’s/80’s, Ferrigno voiced the grunts and roars of the Hulk in the first Avengers film, with Ruffalo providing his one line of dialogue (“Puny god.”). The extent of Ferrigno’s role in Age of Ultron will most likely be the same as in the last film, with Ruffalo providing any actual dialogue, but we have yet to receive any confirmation on that yet.

Finally, the UK is so freaking lucky when it comes to Marvel films because they always get them at least a day in advance (and sometimes even a couple weeks, like with The Amazing Spider-Man 2). The UK and Ireland will have an early release of Avengers: Age of Ultron too, on April 24, 2015. In the US, it’s still slated for a May 1 release. That means in less than one year the UK and Ireland will get to feast their eyeballs on the next Avengers outing while we in the US will be stuck with rewatching the first one for the 2098th time.

So what do you think about this flood of news? Excited yet? Already been excited? Working on a time machine to be able to watch the movie now? Let us know in the comments!