Elementary S2 Ep21 – The Man With the Twisted Lip

Joan and Mycroft discuss their relationship.



While waiting for Sherlock’s AA meeting to finish up, Joan meets another addict, Tess, whose sister Paige has gone missing. Joan promises that she and Sherlock will find her, though Sherlock is a little reluctant to take on a case that is so ‘beneath’ him. They return to the brownstone to find dinner waiting, along with Ms. Hudson and (surprise surprise) Mycroft, who has returned to New York to look after the local branch of his upscale restaurant, Diogenes. Joan is pleased to see him, and Sherlock is less than.

The next day, the detectives break into Paige’s apartment and find a large stash of heroine and a business card for a secret drug delivery business. After calling the number, placing an order, and following the delivery boy back to his work, they bust a drug trafficking ring. Gregson and Bell are amused by this accidental bust, but none of the drug traffickers are any help towards finding Paige.

Joan visits Mycroft in his restaurant, and Mycroft awkwardly confesses that part of the reason he returned to New York is because he wanted to see her. He proposes they start dating, Sherlock’s feelings be damned. They’re all adults, after all. (Although if they Joan and Sherlock discover a body in the park.don’t expect to see a huge volcano-splosion of irritation and childish pouting from Sherlock, then they are very unwise.) Joan is flattered, but doesn’t answer right away.

Following a hunch, Sherlock and Joan investigate a little-used walking trail near Paige’s apartment. Sherlock deduces pretty much right away that Mycroft declared his interest in Joan, but then is distracted when he notices signs of a chase. The tracks split up, and so do they. Joan finds Paige’s body halfway down a hill, and Sherlock finds another body, that of an unknown man.

By retracing the man’s steps, they find that he was the real target, and Paige was just an unfortunate witness. The man, Zach Pillar, has been receiving therapy from a Dr. Sutherland. Sherlock, Bell, and Joan question Sutherland, but he is very reluctant to give them any useful information. They investigate Zach Pillar’s workplace next, which is in the business of building drones. Other than the fact that Pillar’s job was to fly drones for one of the company’s military contractors, McCarthy-Strouse, they don’t get that much info either.

Joan and Sherlock split up again, and Sherlock takes the opportunity to visit Mycroft’s restaurant and tell him that Mycroft’s interest in Joan has to stop. Mycroft brushes Sherlock off and points out that Sherlock doesn’t value Joan as anything more than a tool to help his detective work, which gets under Sherlock’s skin, and also mine because if this is true, then what the holy heck has Sherlock and Mycroft have a tense 'chat' over Joan's affections.Sherlock’s character arc been doing these whole two seasons. Seriously. What the flying flip flop.

On his way out, Sherlock notices a suspicious man sitting at a corner table and snaps a photo of him. Sherlock later points out the mystery man to Joan, voicing his suspicions that the man has ties to a French crime ring and neatly evading her questions about why he went to Mycroft’s restaurant in the first place. Joan is not about to let Sherlock prying into her private matters go, but they are again distracted, this time by a bug buzzing around their living room. Sherlock traps the bug underneath a glass cup, and they find that the bug is literally a bug: a teeny-tiny surveillance drone that has probably been tracking them since they found Zach Pillar’s body.

Sherlock comes to the conclusion that Zach and Paige were both killed by drones, a fact that is supported by the strange bullet patterns around Zach’s body. He and Joan dig into Zach’s personal effects and find newspaper clippings of a massacre of American CIA agents in Afghanistan, with notes scribbled on them indicating Zach had been flying the drone that killed them and felt guilty over it. Joan leaves Sherlock to continue digging and meets Mycroft for lunch to give him her answer.

Joan agrees with Mycroft that they would make a great match (I’m still really skeptical about this idea…), but that a relationship between the two of them, with Sherlock hovering around her 18 hours a day, would simply be too complicated. However, she also expresses interest in moving out of the brownstone, and then starting their relationship afterwards.

During their conversation, Joan notices the same French man Sherlock was talking about, this time meeting with another suspicious man. She snaps the other man’s picture and compares it to the police database, finding evidence that he was at the scene of a massacre of cartel lieutenants. Both Joan and Sherlock are now sure something shady is going on at Diogenes.

After recruiting ‘Everyone’ to root around Dr. Sutherland’s bank accounts, Sherlock finds he accepted a hefty sum of $200,000 from McCarthy-Strause just after Pillar began therapy with him. When questioned, Dr. Sutherland admits to accepting the bribe and reporting back to McCarthy-Strause everything Pillar shared with him. Apparently, Pillar had indeed been the one to kill the American agents in Afghanistan, but McCarthy-Strause covered it up to avoid bad press. Pillar had written a report and was planning on going public with it before was killed.

Dr. Sutherland is poisoned by another drone before he is able to say anything more. Sherlock and Joan are sure someone at Sherlock delivers a message to the people who bugged the brownstone.McCarthy-Strause is in possession of Pillar’s report, so they bluff having another copy, and use the recon drone (still trapped in the glass cup) to draw out whoever is responsible. Sherlock stalls the man, the company’s Chief of Operations Kenneth Carlson, while Joan coolly breaks into his office and finds Pillar’s stolen laptop, with a very damning report on it. Carlson is brought in later that day.

Joan heads out to meet with Mycroft and warn him about the illicit activities going on in his restaurant. Before she leaves, Sherlock apologizes for again prying into her private life. She appreciates the apology, but calls him out on the fact that he only apologizes after he’s already got what he wanted in the first place. After she leaves, he pulls a packet of Paige’s heroine (!!!!!!!! BAD SHERLOCK! BAD! THAT IS A NO-NO!) out of his pocket and hides it in a secret compartment inside one of his many books.

Mycroft is nowhere to be found when Joan arrives in Diogenes, but Joan does spot the two suspicious men meeting again in the corner. When they leave, she follows one of them and sees him stow an envelope in the storage compartment of his motorcycle. The man enters a building, leaving Joan with an opportunity to break into the compartment and see what’s in the envelope: a surveillance photo of her. The man catches her in the act and chloroforms her before shoving her into an unmarked van, which drives off screeching into the night. Oh wait. That’s me screeching.

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