INTERVIEW: WonderCon 2014 – The 100’s Cast & Creators

The-100-posterPost Apocalyptic series are all the rage in Pop Culture these days, and The 100 is TV’s answer to that growing demand. Set in a future where the Earth has been destroyed by nuclear Armageddon, our cast of characters are among only 4000 humans left. 97 years later, supplies on the space station they were born on are running out and 100 young people are chosen to return to Earth to see if the planet is safe for habitation, and attempt to keep the species alive.

At WonderCon 2014 we sat down with series stars Bob Morley (Bellamy) and Lindsey Morgan (Raven), and Executive Producer and Writer Jason Rothenberg to talk about The 100’s first series, and what fans can expect from its final few episodes.

Check out our videos, and a photo gallery below. And don’t forget to watch The 100 on the CW Wednesday nights.

Jason Rothenberg:

Bob Morley:

Lindsey Morgan:

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Photos by Matt Wheeler