INTERVIEW: WonderCon 2014 – Salem Star Shane West & Creators talk about WGNA’s new Horror Series

Salem - Main cast

Salem’s main cast

Salem is WGN America’s first original series and is based on the real Salem witch trails that took place in the 17th century. Just ahead of the premiere this past Sunday, 20th April, With An Accent had the chance to interview its lead actor Shane West (A Walk to Remember, Nikita) and creators Brannon Braga and Adam Simon at WonderCon 2014.  

West portrays veteran John Alden, who returns to Salem after years at war only to find the village caught in a witch hunt. In our interview, West spoke about the love story between John and Mary Sibley (played by Janet Montgomery), which is at the heart of the series, and the key reason John remains amidst the horrors of Salem. He also spoke about the complicated relationship between John, a skeptic, and Cotton Mather (played by Seth Gabel), who is at the heart of the investigation into the accusations of Witchcraft in Salem. The unlikely duo share a “passion for his town,” and it is this that makes John team up with Cotton as they share the same purpose: solve the mystery and save their hometown.

After a surprisingly gruesome and horror filled premiere, Simon and Braga promised us that the show will keep being dark and mystical throughout the season. We aren’t done with magic and mystery after the pilot. They also revealed a very interesting fact regards the horror of the show: in fact, much of it comes from the transcripts of the real Salem witch trials, which are apparently very detailed. Also, Simon says something that I’ve never thought about, but I find it really intriguing: each and every culture of the past or present believes in ghosts and witches.

Check out the interviews to learn more and don’t forget to watch Salem every Sunday on WGNA: