Da Vinci’s Demons S02 Ep05 – The Sun and the Moon

Da Vinci and Zo are taken to the town of stone

I think this is the best episode of the second season so far. Lorenzo and Piero arrive in Naples (in its dungeons, to be more precise), Leo, Zo, and Vespucci finally set foot on shore (America or…Vespuccia 🙂 ?), while Clarice and Carlo are more than allies.

Da Vinci and Zo arrive in South AmericaFirst, let’s talk about what’s happening across the Atlantic, in South America, as we know it today. Da Vinci is absolutely fascinated by everything he sees. He is acting like anyone who loves knowledge: being mesmerized by what he sees, feeling lucky and thankful that he is there, one of the first Europeans to ever set foot on those shores. This is certainly a feeling hard to explain. Only four men leave the ship to explore this new land and, obviously, they are quickly found by the natives who bring them to their town. In order to survive, they must solve a riddle, the answer being “life”. Failing to solve it leads to the opposite of it. Consequently, the first two fail and are brutally killed. They thought they were meant to choose. Fortunately, just as Zo is about to make his choice, Leo intervenes and solves the riddle. As a result, they survive the test and are reunited with Nico, Riario, and the slave girl. Even though Zo would kill Riario without hesitation (and the man has some damn good reasons to do so), everyone realizes that it’s them against the natives, so they must stand together. It is revealed that the Abyssinian and Leonardo’s mother were there before. That’s why Ima speaks their language. By the way, Carolina Guerra looks gorgeous.

Back in Europe, Lorenzo and Piero are imprisoned in Naples, accused of killing theLorenzo and Piero dine with Alfonso and Ippolita two preachers. Fortunately, Lorenzo finds a way to call for Ippolita, his former love interest. These two really have chemistry. As far as I’m concerned, Alfonso is the most annoying character of the show. God, I can’t stand him! He’s always carrying those two swords as if he were ready to fight or something, but he’s in his own palace. He’s such a show-off. Eventually, Lorenzo meets with King Ferrante. If he doesn’t prove his worth to the King, Lorenzo will get a taste of his savagery.

Enough with Naples, let’s see how things go in Florence. Clarice is having a hard time as the head of the Medici bank, but Carlo gives her a hand. Well, that’s not the only thing he gives her…I hope Carlo won’t harm my dear Vanessa because she knows.

Whisper corridors? Brilliant and fascinating! After watching the episode I googled it.

All in all, this is a great episode. In the end of it I think we can see the Vault of Heaven. The next one should be even better!

Did you enjoy it as much as I did? Let us know in the comments.