‘The Newsroom’ Season Three to be six episodes

CarterMatt reports the news from WonderCon that Aaron Sorkin’s HBO drama The Newsroom will have a six-episode third season. In an interview with Collider, series co-star Olivia Munn says that this will give Aaron Sorkin a chance to end things well, while also then allowing him the time to work on other projects:

…it’s really exciting to be able to end a show on a high note.  It’s exciting because we all get to go off and do other stuff.  We get to have this experience, but also go off and do other projects.  And as a friend of Aaron’s, I’m happy that he’s not being forced to keep writing something when he’s just exhausted, and he’s got other things that he wants to write.  It’s so much better that way.  I’m happy that we get to do six and end it.”

It has been Sorkin’s M.O. to take personal charge of writing his TV projects. If he is ready to move on, let’s hope that six episodes will indeed leave us satisfied with the conclusion for these characters.

Are you disappointed at the shortness of the last season? Pleased that the show will be gone at last? Let us know in the comments.

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