Da Vinci’s Demons S02 Ep04 – The Ends of the Earth

Leaonardo Da Vinci, Zo

Lucrezia, Amelia and their fatherIn this week’s Da Vinci’s Demons, very dark secrets come to light. Through flashbacks, we find out how Pope Sixtus seized power. As nobody knew about his existence, he easily took his twin brother’s place. All along, he had been helped by his own son, Riario (by the way, a long-haired Riario is just…mhm eye-candy). Even though he deposed and imprisoned his own brother, I didn’t expect Sixtus to kill a child like that…And yes, Riario did try to save Amelia, but he still treated Lucrezia (his damn cousin!) awfully. Not to mention that he “killed” her, as she was  no longer of use. Lucrezia’s father has been through a lot so I really hope he’ll get some justice: for himself and for his daughters.

Speaking of Lucrezia, we will most probably see her in Constantinople next week, as a visit to this city is part of her father’s plan of revenge. Apart from this intriguing further visit, I also find very interesting the fact that Lucrezia brings with her the sword of Osman Gazi, the founder of the Ottoman Empire (taken from the Vatican Archives thanks to Lupo). I’m so curious how all of this plays out.

Lorenzo and Da Vinci’s father aren’t traveling on the main road, but that doesn’t mean they’re 100% safe: some so-called preachers feel there’s something fishy about the two travelers so they follow them and intend to rob them. However, Lorenzo fights the two preachers and manages to kill them. I think that in the next episode Lorenzo and Piero are finally going to arrive in Naples.Count Riario

Meanwhile at sea, Riario shows his true colours once more: it was pretty obvious that he had his plans with Nico when he decided to keep him on the ship; so far: gaining information. Much to my content, Nico is not very helpful. Anyway, Nico did warn him about the Turk’s prophecy, that the ship is doomed without Leonardo at its helm. Later on in the episode, it seems that the prophecy is not nonsense after all; a violent storm approaching. And yeah, Riario does have a heart: he protects the slave girl and apparently frees Nico during the storm.

Even though the other ship doesn’t have to face a storm, it’s about to face a mutiny: the Circassians fear Da Vinci is leading them to the ends of the Earth (remember the title of the episode?) so Leo has a hard time trying to convince them that our planet is actually round, not flat. I never thought Da Vinci could be wrong (in the show I mean), but apparently he is. When he said that Venus spun around the Earth I was like: “OK…you might want to reconsider that.” Da Vinci’s error has tragic consequences: the slaves kill each other until the girl is the only one left. Naturally, my dear Leo is moved by the sight and tries to comfort the girl. I think this turn of events and his argument with Zo make him realize that even though he’s a genius, he’s not always right and that his mistakes can lead even to death.

My favourite scene is when Leo kneels under the starlit sky, as if he were keeling before the Universe’s greatness and precious knowledge. He now knows that both the Earth and Venus spin around the Sun.

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